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How to Select the best Mechanic for your Car?

If you have your own car then you might know about car mechanic because you need to hire them recurrently. But you must know about the basic criteria about car mechanic and they should know about the skills and techniques about car services. There are some car services available which provide you with best car mechanic and they are trained and certified by the automobile industry also. In this regards, you can get help from your friends and relatives or else you can search across the different online portals and select the best car mechanic accordingly.

Select the best car mechanics

Before you let a mechanic take your car to his service station, check for necessary certifications. While certification does not guarantee that the mechanic will be unscrupulous, it does guarantee a certain level of expertise.

  • Certified mechanics come with some amount of on-the-job training. They are more skilled than regular mechanics, which means you can trust them with your vehicle. Yes, they charge a little more than your average Joe, but it is often worth the extra money.
  • When you take your vehicle for servicing, the shop will give you a list of things that’s wrong with your car. Discuss each thing mentioned on the list in detail. If the mechanic tries to rush you into thinking that every problem is a crucial problem that needs to be fixed urgently, he is probably taking you for a ride.
  • Unless it is a problem with your engine, the tires, the heater cores, or the likes, it can do for a while. In addition to that, when you are presented with a list of problems, use some diagnostics to recheck the list.
  • There are plenty of diagnostic tools available in the market, which can often be synced with your Smartphone. Invest in one. It will come in handy to save you a lot of money on car servicing.

Get the approximate estimate for the repairing of car:

When you are presented with potential problems with your car, request for a detailed, itemized estimate. If the mechanic is unavailable to give you a decent estimate because of the nature of the problems, you can put a limit on the amount of money you are willing to spend. That way, you won’t get nasty surprises in your bill.

  • Look for warning signs when you quote your upper spending limit. If the mechanic fails to make eye contact, or tries to rush you into increasing the limit, you should probably not trust him with the job. You are likely getting duped.
  • Taking your car to a mechanic is like visiting a doctor yourself. Just because one doctor has said that you need urgent care does not necessarily mean you need it right now; unless of course you are dying. Similarly, if your car isn’t dying, you shouldn’t settle for what just one mechanic has told you; especially if it is a new shop you are trying.
  • Try taking more opinions from different shops and see if there is any similarity. Compare quotes from different sources too, and try to negotiate. Very often, you can negotiate on labor charges and bring down your car servicing bills by quite a lot.

You can find an auto mechanic attached with car dealer and also as an independent mechanic. If you hire the mechanic from your authorized dealers then you may charge few amounts extra and the independent mechanics are cheaper and cost-saving options. But when you hire them, you must verify their skill, expertise, experiences and certifications.

Still, if you are not having much detail about the car mechanic, then do surfing over the internet and get more information which will help you in taking proper decisions to select the best mechanic for your car.




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