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Packaged air conditioners rule the roost because they are perceived to be more cost efficient and easier to manage than individual cooling. Proponents claim that ductless systems cost thrice as much as a ducted system to cool an entire home. Ducted systems are good business for HVAC companies whereas split system air conditioners do not get them more revenues by way of installation and maintenance and perhaps this may be one reason why they are not recommended.

Split System Air 

Split System Air Conditioning

What exactly is a Split System Air Conditioning unit?

A packaged air conditioner or a wall-mounted air conditioner has a compressor, expansion coil and blower fan fitted in one unit. The split system air conditioning unit segregates the two. The heavier and noisier compressor unit is mounted outside the living space. The expansion and fan unit is mounted inside on any wall, or it can be suspended from the ceiling. The two are connected through a copper pipe. A compressor may be connected to one or more fan units located in separate rooms. A typical unit with a single fan unit costs around $ 3000. Adding a heat pump with a reversible valve in order to keep warm in winter, the cost may go up by about $ 1000, but still there are advantages.


Modern split system air conditioning units have the fan units with oscillating louvers for even spread of air flow. Before air is blown into the room, it passes through a filter and this filter can also incorporate elements that kill bacteria and fungi. An ionizer is also an option that helps collect dust. The result is a more hygienic environment.

Energy efficiency is the other big benefit of using split systems. A smaller capacity unit can be installed to cool one or two rooms using a single compressor unit. Occupants can set the temperature according to their comfort level and switch the unit on or off according to their need.

For people who relocate frequently, split system air conditioning is ideal as it is easy to dismantle, transport, and reinstall at another location. People who purchase ready-to-move-in houses will find the cost of retrofitting ducted air conditioning a major deterrent while a split unit can be installed in a couple of hours. Further, if a unit develops a fault, other parts of the house are not affected and it is easier for service technicians to replace and repair split units.

Split System Air 

Split System Air Conditioner

The ideal type of Split System Air Conditioning

If you live in a hot zone you can get by with a lower priced split system air conditioning that has only one function of cooling the room. If, however, you live in a place where temperature drops down and require room heating, a split unit with a heat pump is a better choice. Though you pay more, you have comfort throughout the year, and it costs less than having to install a separate heating system.

Currently you have the option of split air conditioners with constant speed compressors and the newer inverter technology systems. These do cost more, but give more flexibility. The inverter unit allows for variable speed of the compressor motor. This means users can set a temperature and the motor will run at an appropriate speed to maintain the set temperature. Such systems also last longer and are more quiet.

You have the choice of a split system air conditioning unit with a simple remote control and advanced wi-fi or Bluetooth controls. With such controls, you can use your smart phone to program the inverter powered air conditioner unit to switch on or off and also set other parameters. You can also set timers in the unit.  This is as personalized as it gets and could be your choice.

Mini Split System Air Conditioning is the Better Way to Keep Your Home Cool

Packaged air conditioners rule the roost because they are perceived to be more cost efficient and easier to manage than individual cooling. ...


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