Wednesday, 7 October 2015

5 Important Tips on How to not get Ripped Off by Your Mechanic

Unless you change your car every two years, it will need some work from time to time in order to give optimum performance. While some car repair jobs such as heater cores and timing belts will set you back by quite a few dollars, often, a mechanic will seize will every opportunity to inflate your car servicing bill. So while you choose the car mechanic you need to be aware about few things, otherwise the mechanical service will charge you large amount and you have to pay this amount to release your car in the intact form.

Convenient tips for avoiding being overcharged

  1. Invest in a diagnostic tool

Use technology to circumvent this classic car servicing problem. While most modern cars come with on-board diagnostics, these can be hard to read. Instead, invest in a diagnostic tool that can be synced with your smartphone. There are plenty of inexpensive diagnostic tools on the market. Get hold of one, install the connected app, and keep track of your car’s health. These tools will tell you about most problems with your car. So, if you car mechanic tells your about some problem then you can easily search for the online solution and ask the mechanic about the nature of repairing. It can save you money and time.

  1. Ask for the old parts back

If your car needs replacement of certain parts, make sure you ask for your old parts during the discharge process of the spare parts.. Not replacing the said parts or replacing parts that did not need replacement is the oldest trick in the books of a mechanic. When you have the old parts, you can get them checked at an independent shop, and see if they are actually busted. You can often sell the old parts too at a junkyard for some money, which can bring down your car servicing bills slightly.

  1. Refrain from saying ‘do whatever is necessary’

When you take your car to a mechanic, the worst thing you can do is agree to everything he is saying. Do not make that mistake. Does your homework before you take your car for servicing? Read up online, make use of diagnostic tools, and take help of experienced friends to gauge what exactly is wrong with your car. Once you are equipped with knowledge, you will be able to better negotiate with the mechanic, and call out his bluffs.

  1. Always ask for an itemized estimate

Before you let the mechanic take the car in for servicing, ask for a detailed estimate. Let him list down all the tasks that he is going to undertake. While a 10-15% difference in the actual bill and initial estimate is usual, if you see an exorbitant rise, you have the right to fight.

  1. Get your basics right

You don’t need to take your car to the shop for an oil change. And even if you do, you shouldn’t fall in the classic mechanic’s trap. Unscrupulous mechanics will often not immerse their dipstick fully, recommending you an oil change. And that’s just one of the many tricks they will use on unassuming customers who lack basic car knowledge. Pick up your car’s manual and read your manufacturer’s recommended servicing options. If the manual says the oil needs to be change after 5,000 km, stick to it. Don’t be fooled into an oil change by the wily mechanic at the neighborhood store. Load up on the basics of your car, and try doing the simplest of tasks yourself.

Follow those tips and you are unlikely to be ripped off by your mechanic again. And even if you do, at least you would know it. Click here to know more details about mechanic.


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