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Important Tips To Take Care of Polished Concrete Floors

Polished concrete floors not only add beauty but they also enhance sophistication of your interiors including hard concrete floors. They add aura to your house in transforming way that transforms a dull floor to exotic flooring. Polished concrete floors are an expensive investment but they last long and are durable. But maintenance is important to retain its beauty and charm. You don’t have to nail a hole in your pockets for the maintenance, just follow some simple tips and steps and you will be geared to maintain the most extensive concrete floorings.

Polished Concrete Floor
Polished Concrete Floor

Things you will need:

For taking good care of your polished concrete floors you will need a good rag or mop made of soft material, some cleaners, a bucket of water, gloves to protect your hand, some foam or plastic furniture pads for additional cleaning. With these steps, you will be able to create a perfectly well maintained floor in the long run-

Step one- Do it yourself

Irrespective of the type of exotic concrete used for your flooring or whether you have teak, cherry, oak, Brazilian cherry etc. removal of dirt is required. So, first vacuum the dirt from its surface and then move on. It helps to get rid of the inner layers of dirt from the polished concrete floors.  

Step two- Rubbing

If there are pollutants on the floor’s surface, remove it by rubbing it with a wet rag or cloth. Make the cloth wet with either cleaner or water and begin the rubbing process from the corner of your floor, so as to see whether the chemical cleaner affects it or not and in the process you can continue with rubbing if it doesn’t.  You can also use some vinegar or lime juice for your polished concrete floors and getting it a brighter and shinier look.

Polished Concrete Floors
Polished Concrete Floors

Step three - Using commercial cleaners

Commercial cleaners and similar products have water as its base and also contents degreasers. Use these products by wearing gloves, for the protection of your hands. Check ventilation as the fumes of most of these cleaners emits strong fumes.

Step four

If using oil based cleaner, then after its application you needto clean it properly with a wet rag or mop, as it might be inflammable.

Step five

Some polished concrete floors requires waxing, so apply a thin coat of wax so it dries faster and results in a smooth and anti-spot finishing. Use wax that is waterproof, as this would prevent the problem of white ring. Wax your flooring only once a year and use only paste once rather than the liquid once. This adds shine to the polished concrete floors.

Step six

Cleaning and taking care of your floor in a regular manner is important but there are some other steps too. One of them is to avoid walking on these floors without wearing any footwear. Wear socks while walking in and around the room with polished concrete floors. This would prevent from scratches and dents.

Step eight

Put furniture pads either made of foam or plastic, as this would prevent the concrete from getting dents and scratches. This provides an excellent finish to hard concrete floors.


  • Always allow a humidifier running, especially during the winters, as this would prevent the reduction of concrete because of shrinkage
  • Always make use of rugs in the area, where there is regular traffic spots


  • When using an oil based cleaner, remember to keep it away from children and pets
  • Avoid cleaners that has silicone content because silicone doesn’t allow refinishing of your concrete in the future

These are the above important tips to care of polished concrete floors. With these steps, you will be able to create a perfectly well maintained floor. Moreover, you can visit this link to get more important details for your concrete floors.


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