Thursday, 8 October 2015

Six Important Furniture Reupholstery Tips from an Expert

There is a lot of furniture found today, which cannot be reupholstered, or given a second lease of life. But with expert advice and guiding tips, you can very well opt for the furniture reupholstery requirement, if you have one. Generally older and antique furniture tend to be tough and long-lasting so they do not require much reupholstery. The structure and framework of the furniture, the material and color that is used, and the glue and joints that are used, are some of the idea points that are to be considered while going for furniture reupholstery.

First tip: know about the spring, coils, padding and frame

When you try to go for furniture reupholstery, try to know about the quality of the coil, the spring and the padding as well as the foam that is used in the upholstery. If you want to use the most superior varieties of padding and frame, the cost can escalate, but if you already have a frame and want to reinstall padding, coil and springs, then you can simply call on a professional upholsterer to find a suitable way to design your upholstery. For more information and ideas about soft foam and medium-sized padding, you can consult the interior design catalogues to get the best idea about furniture reupholstery.

Second tip: cushions and the filling of upholstery

When you consider about the price, you must also consider about the quality of the furniture reupholstery. Foam-filled cushions and cushions filled with fine feather can cost very different when you buy them by weighing the exact requirement of which portion is to be stuffed with cushions and foams. Generally for sofa cum beds, you need to have soft cushions and foams and sat mattresses which are soft and comfortable to sit on. You need to refluff a feather sofa cushion so you must decide about the price accordingly before you decide about furniture reupholstery.

Third tip: do not make mistakes while choosing the fabric for your upholstery

When you try to go for furniture reupholstery, then you must choose the fabrics very wisely. Depending on the type and framework of furniture that you have, you must choose geometric or striped patterns, circular as well as large round or oval prints that will accentuate your home décor to a large extent. If you hire a professional upholsterer, he or she will be able to tell and guide you regarding the combination and styling of fabrics for your furniture reupholstery.

Fourth tip: you must think twice about slip covers

When you consider furniture reupholstery, then you must also think about the slip covers. You must wash the fabrics from a professional dry cleaner, or else, you must also pour some liquid mild cleaning agent to clean the covers before you actually arrange for the slip covers for your furniture reupholstery. The main fabric with a thin layer of cotton in between can help a lot to make the new slip covers when you want to give a more refurbished look to your home decor.

Fifth tip: you should never opt for two-toned upholstery

This is a golden rule that you must keep in mind while you are going for furniture reupholstery. You should never use one color on one side of the fabric and another color on another side. You can experiment with the sofa cushions, but it will never be a wise option to experiment with the entire sofa.

Sixth tips: Dry cleaning of slip cover must be done on at regular intervals

In order to extend the life of the upholstery slip covers, they must be dry cleaned once in a while, in order to make the upholstery look good and neat.

These are the above tips about furniture reupholstery. Get in touch with us to get more details about it.



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