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A Detailed Troubleshooting Guide for Kubota Diesel Engines

Kubota manufacturers are experts in manufacturing a variety of diesel engines. Kubota diesel engines are well known to meet all the emission regulations all around the world. If your machinery uses a diesel engine manufactured by Kubota, then you are at the right place. This is a complete troubleshooting guide for a Kubota diesel engine.
Kubota Diesel Engine
Kubota Diesel Engine

Problem: Kubota Diesel Engine Does Not Start

  • Machine oil is viscous. Troubleshooting: Fill machine oil into the inlet pipe and start again
  • The machine has turned cold. Troubleshooting: Remove the connection belt and fill machine oil into the crankcase after warming it up. Start and run the machine till it is heated, assemble the belt and start again.
  • Air in a fuel system. Troubleshooting: Remove the air by passing and then tighten each part that is connected to the fuel pipe to avoid more air from seeping in.
  • Interrupted supply of fuel. Troubleshooting: Refill the fuel tank.
  • A gap in the piston ring due to wear and tear. Troubleshooting: Get the piston ring changed by a Kubota diesel engine experts.
  • Leakage of flue due to piston gap lined up wrongly. Troubleshooting: Get the piston gap aligned at an angle of 120 degrees to each other by a Kubota diesel engine mechanic.
  • Leakage in gas valves or incorrect valve clearance. Troubleshooting: Get the valves realigned to get the specified clearance or get them replaced or repaired, according to the requirement.
  • The fuel gets thickening and can’t flow easily or the injection of fuel spray is not proper. Troubleshooting: The thick fuel may be due to the usage of a poor brand fuel. So, replace it with a fuel of a good brand. Check the fuel nozzle and clean it thoroughly. If cleaning it does not clear the flow path, get it replaced.
  • Incomplete combustion of fuel. Troubleshooting: Check the spray nozzle and the delivery angle. Also, check if there is any leakage in the gasket of the cylinder head or if there is any deficiency in pressure of compression.

Problem: Kubota Diesel Engine Does Not Deliver the Rated Mechanical Power

  • Malfunction of the fuel system. Troubleshooting: Check for any obstruction in the fuel filter, the fuel nozzle and the fuel pipe leading to the inadequate fuel supply.
  • Obstruction in air filter. Troubleshooting: Remove and clean or replace the filter as required.
  • A loose fit between needle and needle body. Troubleshooting: Repair it or replace. In most cases, this is the reason of low power deliverance.
  • Bad pressing of fuel pump leading to the insufficient fuel supply. Troubleshooting: Check the fuel pump for damaged parts.

Problem: Exhaust with Black Fumes

  • Overloading - Troubleshooting: Reduce the load and comply with the machine load specifications.
  • Lack of air or leakage - Troubleshooting: Check the Kubota diesel engine for any leakages and seal it if spotted. Clean the air filter or replace it if worn out.

Problem: Exhaust with Blue Fumes

  • Machine oil mixed with the cylinder. Troubleshooting: Check the oil level and drain out the redundant engine oil from the cylinder.
  • The piston ring is chipped or has worn out its elasticity leading to a gap between piston and cylinder. Troubleshooting: Check and replace the piston ring and cross hatch each ring to alter its direction.

Problem: Exhaust with White Fumes

  • Water mixed with diesel fuel. Troubleshooting: Clean the fuel tank thoroughly and replace the fuel.
The following are all the possible solutions to general troubleshooting problems of a Kubota diesel engine. If these solutions do not solve the problem, you need to call an expert to inspect the diesel engine and set it right.


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