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Stainless Steel Products: Their Grades, Varieties and Applications

Right from the small washbasin tap in your kitchen, to the faucets in your washroom, to the sewage pipes in your backyard, you get a whole range of applications and uses of stainless steel products. Manufacturing and construction industries as well as hospitals and chemical plants also use multiple varieties of stainless steel products for everyday use and sale. In the global market there has been a considerable demand, supply and increase in stainless steel products which have also led to the growing popularity of this metal. Robust structural support and high durability happen to be the prime reasons for this widespread use of stainless steel products. Moreover, the stainless steel items are also useful, whenever a construction styling or other enhancements are on cards.

Areas of application:

There is no denying the utility of stainless steel products in almost all the major aspects of construction. Apart from the exterior cladding, there are water and drainage piping systems requiring the support of products. Additionally, the construction of handrails, wall starters, masonry supports and roofing are some of the other areas demanding use of stainless steel items. The stainless steel wires are used in both domestic and commercial constructions and home remodeling projects. Especially, in the construction industry, these wires find the appropriate application in the cavity wall tiles. But, prior to using them, you must look for the best quality materials with top standards. Stainless steel products are also a good way of investment as they provide versatile and flexible varieties of steel that can be modified according to personal requirements. You can also customize stainless steel products according to your requirement.

Know the intricate varieties:

Well, the strengthened stainless steel wires offer the perfect support for major construction requirements.

  • The presence of surface imperfections on these steel wires can cause inconvenience in the construction process. Therefore, while purchasing them, you must look for the wires with unique Electro Polishing Quality or EPQ. Other than being well drawn, they are devoid of any pitting, seaming or scratches.
  • Now, fixing and structural industries are two most important parts of the construction sector. Therefore, these wires find optimum usage in the construction of various fixtures.
  • Nuts, rivets, screws, and bolts form the crux of the entire construction process. However, in these sectors, the cold headed wires prove to be the best.

Steel grades are important:

When you buy stainless steel products, you must be aware about the purity, the tensile strength and the non-corrosive nature of the steel. The ISO certification authenticates this. Alongside being anti-corrosive, these plates possess outstanding surface polish and finish. Good quality stainless steel products are also non-reactive to fire and chemical spills. Moreover, they are capable enough to impart that additional foothold to skyscrapers. Thanks to their enhanced durability and sturdy construction. Moreover, these plates are available in diverse sizes as well as custom shapes. But, for the best support, you must look for the grades of the stainless steel products. The 316 and 304 are the most common and popular grades. Additionally, advanced grades are also available. While looking for the sizes, you will come across 2000 x 1000 measurements. Or you can also opt for the 3000 x 1500 sizes.

Offering safe support:

Associating with the leading suppliers of stainless steel items can be beneficial in ways more than one. They are capable of offering the best products and meet the variegated requirements of the construction industry. Moreover, the top grade products offered the perfect support and required strength to the buildings. As the most obvious consequence, you can enjoy complete safety by utilizing them.

Furthermore, in spite of its manifold benefits and great advantages, the products manufactured from stainless steel are quite within the affordable range. Perhaps, this particular aspect has advocated its existence as the best construction material. If you still want to know more about stainless steel products then keep in touch with us and get additional information.


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