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Stonemasonry – Art of Stone Craft – The Hands Behind Those Beautiful Monuments

Stonemasonry is the oldest crafting technique which is in use since before the existence of machines. Best examples depicting the stonemasonry techniques are the old monuments constructed by the individuals. Stonemasons have been using stone and its variety, to make building blocks and architecture that have great historical value. Stonemasons also construct walls and memorials in memory of great soldiers and historical figures.

Stone is durable and long-lasting in nature:

But even today some people are interested in this type of constructions as these are strong and long lasting in nature. Individuals crafting this technique are named as stonemasons. A stonemason will organize the rough rocks together in to a geometrical shape suggested by the builder and later he will shape out the stones together using limestone mortar or cement.

  • It is a fact that all those homeowners who want to design or rebuild and refurbish their homes, try to opt for major stone works as they are sturdy and they also add more sophistication to the home environment.

Walkways and patio surfaces are also made of stone, and you can hire a stonemason to make these constructions.

Main Duties of Stonemason

Stonemasons are the individuals completely dealing with stone constructions. Every work will have some responsibilities. Similarly these are some main duties listed below, which act as responsibilities of a stonemason.

  • Stonemason has to shape out the construction structures by connecting them together with cement. While connecting them, excess cement may fall out making the surface uneven. It is duty of him to clean the surface of monument or marble stone using sponge, water, brush or by using any acid.
  • Should mix the mortar mixture and spread it on stone or marble slabs or foundations.
  • To elegant the monument design or for any other purpose as per requirement, he should drill holes in the monument creating anchor brackets.
  • Should lay out designs or patterns using rulers or straight edges.
  • Set the marble or stone according to the pattern mentioned by the builder.
  • Shape the marble by cutting out or trimming it using power saws, cutting equipment and hand tools.

They create a well-polished surface and dig trenches:

  • Smooth and polish the surface of marble or stone using power tools and hand tools as per the requirement.
  • Uniform the surface by removing wedges and filling joints between stones using trowel. He should smooth the surface perfectly using tuck pointer.
  • Stonemasons should dig trench if required, for foundation of monument using digging tools like shovel.

What are the different materials which are used by a stonemason?

There are different materials that are used by stonemasons all over the world. These include:

  • Natural stones are used for making fireplaces, barbeque grills, kitchen tops, flooring, flower planters and even mailboxes. These are some of the best choices that are used by a well-trained stonemason.
  • A stonemason also uses manufactured stone to make building blocks and statues. Moreover, these are available in different textures, colors and designs. They can be used as blocks and bricks also.
  • They also use stucco as a building material and they can be installed in a brick or stone construction with the help of a wire mesh made of metal.
  • Should construct prefabricated stonemasonry parts (if any) and install them.
  • Stonemasons should be ready for constructing chimneys, industrial furnaces, smoke stakes, boilers, kilns and many other similar constructions.
  • Stonemason should be ready for replacing the damaged stonemasonry constructions are parts associated in these constructions. 

The profession exists since times immemorial and these people are responsible for the construction of some of the greatest monuments. But unfortunately their work has never been recognized to that extend or appreciated and compensated for the efforts put in.

The above information is all about the stonemason and his duties where he can make ever beautiful and great monuments. Click here if you want to know more about the art of stone craft called stonemasonry.



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