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Healthy and Clean Garden With A Little Maintenance Tricks

The health of your garden depends on the maintenance. Just having a garden around your house is not enough, you need to have the required information of the different plants, vegetable and fruits planted here and the right way to take care of these. A garden which is neglected can produce weeds and also garden pests. You need to ensure that the task of maintaining your garden is enjoyable and tension-free. At the same time this needs to be included in your routine tasks. There are multiple factors that you need to deal with when you are talking about the maintenance of your garden.

Soil tended to

Soil is the first thing that comes to mind when you talking about a garden. All types of plants require soil which is termed ‘healthy’ and that too at the right places. You need to make sure that you turn the soil with a spade once a month so that it remains light and loose. You can think of feeding the soil with compost as this ensures healthy plants and resistance to insects.
Garden Maintenance 

Garden Maintenance Service

Planting the Plants

You need to make sure to plant only as deep as the growth of the seedlings. Make sure to follow instructions before you sow any seeds. The requirements for growing need to be matched with the microclimate of the garden. If you are thinking of planting vegetables, there are quite a few which require areas which are hot and some which require cool areas.

Garden Tools are a Necessity

Make sure that you are able to get the garden tools, keeping in mind the quality and your requirement. These are extremely important for the maintenance of your garden. You can think of buying rakes, wheel barrows, mowers, spades and whatever else required. Make sure to disinfect the tools on a regular basis and also keep them clean after every use.

Moisture for Plants

 There is no way in which plants can survive without the required moisture. They need to be carefully watered every day. If you feel that you do not have the time to do so, opt for plants which require less moisture, like Jasmine, Gardenia and more. Watering the plants in the morning when the weather is cool causes less evaporation, and thus, works out well.

Weeds Pulled Off

It is advisable to pull off all the weeds before you plant your garden. This can ensure that your plants get all the soil nutrients. In case you feel the weeds are difficult to pull off you can take the help of a professional who will do this by using chemicals or probably with physical force in the right manner.

Applying Mulch

Applying mulch which is organic is one way of controlling the growth of weeds. You can knock down any weed spotted with a garden hoes. This mulch should be applied up to 4 inches deep. Mulch is able to add to the health of the soil and also keep it cool.

Keeping your Garden Clean

If you wish to have healthy plants in your garden then you need to make sure that this is free from the diseased plants. You need to remove the diseased plants so that the rest can grow in a healthy manner.

Vegetables and fruits need to be harvested

Once you find the edibles in your garden have ripened make sure to harvest them. You can think of pulling off the plants which seem to be dying, piling these on a compost pile. Debris needs to be removed or else you find pests hiding here causing damage to your garden. Plant crops according to the season for planting. Different vegetable can be planted at different times of the year.


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