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Everything You Need To Know About Screen Doors

Adding screen doors is a simple yet effective way to update the entire look of your home and add the much-need convenience. Though the practice of installing screen door is often associated in farmhouses or rural dwellings, with time, it has even found its importance in the modern areas to protect the home against unwanted insects and pests without having to block the path of fresh air. 
Today, there are innumerable options available and this allows you to discover the perfect screen door for your home- no matter what your style preferences are or wherever you live in the world. Read ahead to know more about these doors and the difference that they can create! 

Retractable Screen Doors

The Various Screen Door Types

You are able to choose from a plethora of screen door types at retail, online, and specialty stores. Some of the common variants amongst them are mentioned here in brief:
  • Retractable Screen Doors: The retractable screen door is a relatively new variant that has gained immense popularity. In these doors, the screens are installed within a metal frame that mounts either inside or outside edge of an existing jamb. The frame consists of tracks present from top to the bottom, magnet that hooks to the opposite side and canister that holds the screen. When not in use the screen can be pulled back into the canister making it invisible when retracted.   
  • Hinged Screen Doors: The hinged screen doors come in three part of hinges that are attached to the front or behind of the existing door. Some of them are simple screens that are equipped with the aluminium or vinyl frames, while others come up in glass panels that tend to lock or slide when opened. Most of them are enabled with dampers so that they do not break when slammed. 
  • Sliding Screen Doors: The sliding screen door is quite similar to the hinge doors, but a basic difference between them is that these doors have a track onto which they slide and this is not the case with the hinged doors. 
Sliding Screen Doors

The Benefits of Installing Screen Doors

By now, you must have realized the options that you have when it comes to the installation of screen doors. However, a question that arises here is, why should you install them in the first place? This is where the benefits of installing screen door make their way:
  • Sizes and Styles: The screen door is manufactured in different sizes and styles so that you are able to identify the one that blends with the needs of your home. Besides that, many companies provide ample scope of customization so that you can design the various components of the door according to your priorities. 
  • Interchangeable Components: Like most of the elements found in your home, even the screen door tends to wither with time. However, when this happens you do not have to replace the entire style, rather a change of few associated components is more than enough to breathe a new life into it once again. 
  • Easy to Maintain: Unlike the way people perceive it, maintenance of screen doors is an effortless process only when done right. You have to take care of them every now and then to get rid of accumulated dust, dirt, and debris that might affect the quality of air that enters the room. 
  • Durable & Sturdy: Thanks to the high-quality frame that goes into the making, these doors are quite durable and can stand the test of time for years to come. However, for this, you have to be aware of the quality of frame that you choose, as this decides how robust the entire screen is going to be. 


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