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What Is Best- Double Glazing Windows or Secondary Glazing Windows?

Do you ever notice that you spend more amounts on energy consumption bill? Most of the time, you ignore the fact that this high energy consumption is expensive. Hence, you must take care of those parts of your property that may lead to a rise in energy bills.

From your windows, the heat can easily escape outside, even when they are closed. This, in turn, reduces the temperature inside your home and you have to use your heating system more. Thus, the energy expenditure increases. You need to insulate your property with some double glazing or secondary glazing of windows, and they can block the sun heat and chill air flow from outside. So, you can easily maintain your moderate room temperature and you do not need to run your air conditioner or room heater all the time.

Double Glazing Windows
Double Glazing Windows

Are Double Glazing and Secondary Glazing Same?

No, there is the difference between double glazed windows and secondary glazing. Secondary glazing suppliers can provide you both type but there is the basic difference between the two.
  • In double glazing, the windows are fitted with two panes of glass. The panes of glass are separated by a thin layer of empty space that is either filled with air or other inert gases like Argon and xenon.
  • On the other hand, the principle of working of secondary glazing is the same, but both the panes are not part of the same window. In secondary glazing, separate secondary panes are attached to the existing single pane window. So, you do not need to uninstall your old window frames and single glazed windows, and you can install the secondary glazed on your old windows only.
  • In case of double glazing windows, the pressure at one side of the window is different from the pressure at another side. However, in case of secondary glazing, as there are no seals, there is no difference in the pressure of windows, either inside or outside.

Which Type of Glazing Is Best for Your Home?

In order to make your windows energy efficient, you may have plans to contact secondary glazing suppliers. However, before that, you must decide that which type of glazing will be more effective for your home? Considering the following factors may be helpful.
  • Ease of installationCompared to double glazing windows, secondary glazing windows are easy to install. It needs trained professionals to install a double glazed window while some of the secondary glazing windows can be a DIY project too. Depending on your need asks your secondary glazing suppliers the different types of options available. But if you want to save the damage cost then you must hire the trained professionals to install your secondary glazing.
  • Cost effectivenessCompared to double glazing, secondary glazing windows are more cost friendly. It’s true that both will save you on energy bills for the long term, but at the moment a secondary glazing window will be more cost-effective. As you do not need to buy double glazed windows, and install the secondary glazing windows on your existing windows, so you can save your price too.
  • Ease of maintenanceWhen it comes to maintenance, there is no doubt that it is easier to maintain a secondary glazing window. This is because the panes are not sealed and hence you can clean them inside out. Compared to it, maintaining a double glazed window may not be possible without the help of professionals.
Upon deciding the type of window glazing you want you can start contacting secondary glazing suppliers. They will provide your information about the different products. You can know whether to install secondary glazing windows by face fixing or reveal fixing method.


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