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Funeral Arrangement with Classic Touch and Elegant Presentation

Funeral arrangements need some creative sense and you need to save your cost also. It is true that during this situation, no one can think about their money and people concentrate on their relationship and bonding with the dead person.

Funeral Arrangement
Funeral Arrangement
  • But if you do not have sufficient bank balance then you have to overcome this situation and consider about the arrangement more cautiously.  The worst pain that a person ever feels is to see someone dear go away from their life.
  • The life and death theory that had long been outlining lives of people finally comes upon them and they realize how it feels to someone they adore, love and respect.
  • Funerals are those difficult times which no one wants to plan for. In those tough days of life, there is however one touch situation that we have to crack and that involves major decisions which are to be taken wisely and carefully. Classic and traditional funerals are different from the contemporary ones, and for conducting the funeral services in a better manner, you can just hire some reputed agencies who can give you the funeral commodities, the rates of cremation, the burial costs and also the obituary that is to be narrated during the funeral.

What is a Classic Funeral?

Funerals can be of different sorts, classic funeral is one where the arrangements are kept in the most traditional and perfectly set according to the generally accepted societal needs. The flowers and dress code, the proceedings and the venue are all kept in the most classic and traditional way to not engage any excitement or adventurous feeling to the funeral.

Classic Funeral
Classic Funeral

8 Important Facts about Classic Funeral Arrangement:

#1. The Funeral Director: This is the man you never knew you wanted to meet specially before your own last day. He is the man who helps arrange the funeral procession and the holy procedures that go during the funeral. Right from the arrangement of the venue, to handling all the paperwork, the funeral director comes as a helping hand but you have to hire him according to your requirement only, and please explain all your needs to him previously.

#2. The Order of Service: This is the most awaited time of the funeral where the near and dear ones of the person deceased come to offer service and express their thoughts, love, experiences, gestures and affection towards the person in the box.

#3. The Night Before: This is the time when close relatives gather and talk about the person, cry, grieve, laugh and console each other of the loss. They come together, have food and stay together for a while which calls for an arrangement of good food, lodging facilities and even any extra needs that guests might have.

#4. Flowers: Flowers are a big part of funerals as they speak of the person deceased. Usually the arrangements are of the flowers that the person loved the most or is drawn to most.

#5. Car: The procession takes place in a car and sometimes people prefer to take the box in a car which was loved by the person or he always dreamt of having.

#6. Coffin Topper: This can be a flower, token of love, souvenir or anything that was dear to the person in the box.

#7. Music: Music has to be simple and mild not to cause any excitement but not to bore people either.

#8. Food: The food has to be a blend of traditional dishes with the choices of current living. They should be arranged enough for everyone.

We know it can be difficult to think of arranging these when you are in a state of mourning but nothing heals better than letting the person go with peace and elegance.



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