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Features of Steel Security Doors That You Must Consider For Home Security

It is indeed tempting to leave the door open for few minutes on a hot day to let in some fresh breeze. However, it is also a wonderful opportunity for the burglars to come in. The steel security doors are resourceful to welcome in some light and air while keeping away anybody from sneaking into your home. The steel door is not an ordinary door that you invest in but the safety and security of your home and the family members. The steel security doors are rust and termite-proof and they do not get affected due to dirt, moisture and due to the vagaries of weather.

Security Door Melbourne
Security Door Melbourne

Features of the Steel Security Doors That Would Assist You in Buying the Right One:


The most important thing in any product that you look at will be its design. It should meet the safety standards set by the authorized bodies. You can easily look up for it if the door has a written guarantee of meeting the ISO standards. A step further to look in any door is how it is framed. You can combine the designs of a steel door along with the wooden frames, or else, you can also choose versatile customized designs with a combination of glass and steel doors. This way you can pick the best door that will fit in the frame.

Invest in Designer knobs and locks for the Steel Security Doors:

Undoubtedly, the second most essential feature in any of the steel security doors is their locks. Ideally, you should choose the ones that come with 5-pin cylinder. Avoid the steel doors that have wafer locks. They are vulnerable and one can easily break in. There are several locks on the market that offer a warranty from 10 to 25 years. While you think of investing in the steel doors, you should not think of saving the money on the locks.

Steel Security Door
Steel Security Door

Look for Durable Hinges:

It is essential that you look out for equally good quality hinges. Also, it is important that you go for 3 hinges that are fixed permanently and cannot be easily removed. The intruders are smart enough to rip out the hinges and barge into the home. So, when you set out to buy the steel security doors, make sure you go for the hinges that come with dog bolt or fixed steel pin.

Corrosion Resistant:

  • When one thinks about the steel security doors, they think that it would be the best quality. However, there are grades and types of within the steel as well.
  • Hence, you will have to enquire if the door is made of steel that has noncorrosive properties. You need to be specifically careful about this feature if you live near the sea or in a place that has a predominantly humid environment.
  • If you cannot invest in expensive steel doors, you can have the doors hot-dip galvanized.

These are the most basic but essential features that one should check while buying the security doors. You can look out for other additional features like grilles, wind chains, matching keys for the door, sill extensions etc. Also, consider if you can get a screen in the steel door so that it acts as a safety door. Experts suggest that the steel doors are the most effective option as a guaranteed protection against any forced entry to keep your family safe. You can contact with the best door makers and steel security door manufacturers and get the best quotes from them. Along with the frame and the structure of the door, you also need to consider the guarantee on the product that you purchase.


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