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Summer Tips for your Volvo from the Best Service Centers

Volvo is a brand that is synonymous with security and comfort when it comes to cars. It is one of the sturdiest brands out there. However, like every other car, Volvo also needs regular maintenance to provide you proper comfort that the brand promises. Here are some maintenance tips for your car, compiled from the best Volvo service centers out there. Follow them and you will be able to keep your beloved Volvo in top condition most times.

Volvo Car Service
Volvo Car Service

Maintenance Tips from the best Volvo Service Centers

Winters can take a toll on the health of your car tires. It is always a good idea to change the tires every summer. If you can't do that, at least get the pressure checked on a regular basis, and look for any possible signs of wear and tear. Maintaining the tires in the best possible condition also improves mileage of your car, which eventually helps you save money on petrol.

Check under the Hood

Before you take your Volvo out on the road after a harsh winter, you need to make sure that you look under the hood. Check for wear and tear on the belts. They take a toll in cold weather. Also check the health of your batteries. If there are any signs of corrosion on the terminals, get the batteries cleaned. Most importantly though, check the levels of engine oil and coolant. Your car manual should be a good starting point to see when you need to change engine oil and other fluids in your Volvo.

Check Air Conditioning

One of the most common advices given by the best Volvo car service centers is to check air conditioning system of your car after winters. Switch on the air conditioning for five minutes on full and see if the conditioning works optimally. Check for any weird sounds from the conditioning. Now would be a good time to clean the air filter of your car. If you smell any foul odors, or there is dust flying out of your Volvo's air conditioner, your conditioning unit needs a thorough cleaning. Take it to a service center.

Volvo Car Service 

Volvo Car Service Center

Wiper Blades are Important too

Wiper blades are often ignored by most car owners. However, the best Volvo service centers out there advise that you check the blades regularly. After all, they impact the visibility of your windshield. Bad wiper blades can be hazardous for your health. In order to check the condition of your wiper blades, spray some cleaning fluid on your windshield. Turn on the blades and see if they leave any scratch marks. If they do, their rubber is worn out, and needs replacement. Good wiper blades will leave your windshield clean and without any marks.

How to find the best Volvo Service Centers in your area

You should take your Volvo to a service center at regular intervals in order to avoid paying hefty repair bills later on. However, you must avoid shady service centers that are out there to dupe you at the drop of a hat. Here are some of the tips to help you find the best Volvo service centers in your vicinity.

  • Visit a service center and ask questions about maintenance tips for your car. Detailed answers usually signal experience and knowledge, which means your Volvo, would be in good hands.
  • Ask for a price estimate for servicing. If the service center is willing to give you a rough estimate, chances are it is a center worth it. If the mechanic is avoiding giving you a direct answer, you should probably look elsewhere.
  • Check for the queue of vehicles at the service center. It is like looking for good restaurants. If there are loads of cars, the service center is trusted by a lot of people, which usually means good quality of services.


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