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Give Your Floor an All-New Dimension with the Help of Polished Concrete

In today’s era, homeowners have become very specific with everything. Whether it is the color of the walls or the design of the floor, they want everything to be perfect. These days, polished concrete is in much fashion, as it not only looks superbly awesome but also requires less maintenance. These floors are durable, abrasion resistant and enjoy a long shelf life. Their artistic appeal and awesome stone-like finish makes them an ideal choice for every homeowner. Polished concrete can cost a little more when you buy it initially but in the long run, it gives a more profitable resale value to your home, especially if you are interested to sell your property.

Polished Concrete
Polished Concrete

Advantages of Polished Concrete

  • No Dusting- In an ordinary unpolished concrete, the dust particles gather very quickly. These particles are pushed to the surface with an upward force. It is usually known as concrete dusting. Thus, you will not have any dusting issues with a nice polished concrete.
  • Less Maintenance- unpolished concrete flooring requires regular scrubbing in order to keep the environment clean and nice appearance. For this purpose, different cleaning agents, oils, paints and other stains are used, which often leave lasting impressions. As a result, the floor looks dirty and unhygienic. However, polished concrete flooring hardly requires any heavy scrubbing, as it is highly compact and repels cleaning substances like oil. Therefore, it requires less maintenance and helps you in saving dollars.
  • Cost Effective- Without a doubt, polished concrete flooring is very cost effective. If you are looking for an economical type of flooring then this is the best option. It is simply because the reduced costs are related with reduced tire wear, saved energy, long lasting durability and less maintenance costs. Polished concrete does not, in any way, pollute the environment, so a floor made of polished concrete is also hygienic as far as your health is concerned.
  • Aesthetic Appeal- Polished concrete flooring is often mistaken as marble flooring. It is because it has a very glossy and sleek surface that shines like a mirror. Whether it is a high-end grocer, a manufacturing plant, home or office, people prefer installing polished concrete to give their building an exclusive appeal. The clean, smooth and shiny flooring looks just awesome.
  • Increases Strength- General concrete flooring may get damaged or break due to surface stress, rain, curled cold joints, improper curing and other factors. However, a polished concrete flooring is hardens the exposed floor surface and keeps it safe in all conditions. It protects the floor from all kinds of damages.
Polished Concrete Floor
Polished Concrete Floor

Customized Polished Concrete

While building or renovating your dream home, you wish to get everything according to your own needs. When it comes to polished concrete flooring, you can have various options available. You can go for radial lines, scores and other designs for a particular area of the house to make it look unique. When a concrete is wet, it can be given any shape or designs, which makes it the perfect choice for the homeowners. To add that glamorous look, you can prefer to go for bordered concrete. You can have a light shade of concrete in the center with a dark color at the borders. No doubt, it will simply look fantastic.

Polished Concrete Floor Maintenance

It is important that you seal your floors made from concrete with a topical guard in order to prevent dust from accumulating in it. Other than that, regular wiping of the floor with a mop and soap solution should suffice in order to keep your concrete floor looking good. If you are using a cleaning agent to clean polished concrete, make sure you use a neutral pH solution.

Acid can cause abrasions in your floor, which can damage the aesthetics of it. It will always better if you consult with professional concrete designers to know more about the polish and maintenance of the concrete floors.


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