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3 Most Essential and Easy Ways to Clean Blocked Drains

Perhaps, clogged drains can become the biggest trouble of life is it is beyond the control. You must have witnessed situations where you are cleaning your balcony and the water suddenly stops draining or your bathroom is filled up with water up to knees. These are some day-to-day issues that every next person faces in his/her life. Here are some handy tips though that can help you out of such situations. If you cannot conduct the drain cleaning session all by yourself, then it is suggested to hire in the professionals to get rid of the blocked drains.

Blocked Sewer Pipe
Blocked Sewer Pipe

Easy Ways to Clean Drains

1. Bent Wire Hanger- This method may seem to you simple but it works great. If you are looking out to fix the drainage issue on you own then this method is the best. What all you need to do is to just take any regular wire coat hanger and straighten it. After that, you need to create a hook at one end of the wire by bending it. You just need to put that wire into the drain and start fishing. You will be able to get hold of any type of nasty material that is blocking your drain. After cleaning, just throw hot water into it. 

2. Wet and Dry Vacuum- The wet and dry vacuum can work wonderfully to unclog your drain. You can first set it to the vacuum liquids and then cover up the vent. After doing this, you need to create a very tight seal over the drain with the help of old plunger head. Now, just turn on the vacuum to the maximum setting and start using it. The vacuum will be able to suck the entire clog up the pipe. It will all come inside the vacuum bag. 

3. Caustic Soda- This is one of the easiest ways to clean drains. Before going to start with this method, you should get some eye protection gear and gloves, as caustic soda can cause burns to the skin. You are just required to put mix 3 cups of caustic soda into a mop bucket full of cold water. You can mix the solution with a wooden spoon thoroughly. After mixing, you will see the fizz coming up. You can now pour the solution into the drain and let it rest there for almost half an hour. You can later throw boiling water into the drain.

Blocked Drain Service
There are many drain cleaning ingredients available in the market, but when you use the cleaning agents, make sure that they are not hard chemicals, and that they do not pollute the environment in any manner. It is also very important not to throw mud, hair or any solid item into the drains, to allow the free flow of water.

Drain Cleaning Costs

  • Basic Drain Cleaning- If you only want to get your kitchen or bathroom drain cleaned then it will cost you around $109 to $214. However, getting a toilet clog cleaned may cost you around $109 to $273 and laundry drain may as high as up to $214. Some companies have fixed rate like $170 for bathroom sinks and $195 for kitchen sinks.
  • Main Line Clogs- When more than one plumbing points gets affected then it indicates the issue with the main line. This issue is solved by outside clean out or through pulling of toilet. A professional plumbing company often charges $184 to unclog the line with exterior clean out method and more than $250 to clean it through drain vent.
You can call the professional plumbers by browsing through the internet. Make sure you must try to fix it with some easy methods on your own first and then call for professional blocked drain services if you are not able to do it. The professionals will handle it all.


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