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Different Types of Caravans That You Should Know About

Caravans are used by families who do not want to spend on hotel stays or families that like to take spontaneous trips, holiday where they please and not follow a set itinerary. It is also used by families who want to bring the members of their family together, spend quality time with one another and bond well. Caravan holidays are ideal for people who love nature, camping and do not want to be spoilt by luxuries.

Advantages of a family caravan One gets to meet so many like minded people – almost all of them are ready to mingle as they are all independent travelers and love a little to get-together. These caravans are so sturdy and durable and they serve a great mileage, so you can take these caravans to the hills, beaches or even to the most rugged countryside. You can consult with the best caravan dealers to customize your needs, and you can negotiate the charges accordingly. These caravans are much less expensive than when you book exclusive hotels, and even if there are more numbers of members in the family, you can easily take them in family caravans. It allows one the flexibility of doing what you want, when you want and whatever way you want unlike when you need to check in and check out of a hotel room.


Types of Caravans

Before embarking on a family caravan holiday one must be aware of the different types of caravans.

  1. Single axle Caravans – these are usually smaller and lighter but better to maneuver than the double axle caravans
  2. Double axle Caravans – these offer more stability and are better on roads than the single axle caravans
  3. Static Caravans – these have limited space and are good for couples or very small families.
  4. Folding Caravans – these can be unfolded to add more height to the caravan. However, they are inconvenient and time consuming to unfold and refold
  5. Caravan Canopies – which allow a canopy to be built which increases the space and the livable area

In addition to knowing about the different types of caravans one needs to know the different aspects of the caravan as well. These include:

  • What is the make of the caravan
  • What is the model number or the model type of the caravan
  • How many berths does it have
  • What is the price for the caravan
  • What is the caravan body made of – glass, fibre or  metal
  • What is the layout of the caravan
  • What is the weight of the empty caravan shell (MiRO)
  • What is the tow weight of the car (MTPLM)
  • How many axles are there
  • What are the dimensions of the caravan – it’s length, height and width
Family Caravan
Family Caravan

Additional questions that you must note while buying Family Caravans:

When you buy family caravans, it is important to understand about its resale value, and what will be the storage space and number of drawers and cupboards in the caravan. Also, you must look whether the family caravans have a special space for the kitchen and the cooking area. The lounge area, the television and the advanced technical arrangements and the kind of privacy that you get for each of the family members, are also important points that you look before buying family caravans. There can be an extra advantage if there are special bunks made for the children. Washing machine, geysers, LCD and Wi-Fi systems are some other advanced technical features that you can also include as part of the customized caravans. Solar panels, awnings and blinds can also be added to make the caravans attractive.

Now, you can consult with the caravan-manufacturing companies to get the best quotes for making the caravans.



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