Monday, 18 January 2016

Why Do You Need To Buy A Pressed Juice Machine For Your Everyday Use?

Juice is very helpful to human body. There are lots of vegetables and fruits that can be crushed and taken the benefits of their nutritional values with the help of juice.

  • There are various methods of juicing. In the market there are end number of brands and types of juicers that can simply confuse a buyer who want to buy a juicer about for which one to go and for which one not.
  • There are automatic juicers as well as manual. Each of this type has its own value and benefits. It is very important for one to consume fresh juice but at the same time it is also important how the juice is extracted as there are variations among the nutritional values of the juice as per the method it is extracted.
  • There are many juicers run with electricity which are fully automatic and get the fresh juice in few seconds with complete separation of pulp and juice. Apart from the quality of the blender and the blades, you must also look for the sieving techniques that are attached to the cold press juicers.
Pressed Juice Machine
Pressed Juice Machine

The Quality of Juice with Pressed Juice Machine:

For those who want to have high quality juice with complete nutritional value, it is important to go for the pressed juice machine only.

  • It depends on one’s own view about the juice what he wants to go for. The pressed juice machine though seems a bit slow and costly, but when the comparison of quality is done the juice from this machine is just unmatched.
  • This juice is for those who want to have high quality and just not a feel that they are taking juice for health benefits but they really mean it. These juicers are available in different sizes, and you can decide about the quantity of the juice that is to be consumed. It works on cold press principle in which the fruit or vegetable is first crushed and got some pulp and then it is pressed to get more out of it which makes more juice for the users.
  • Here there are a number of benefits to the users if they use it at home. The biggest problem with automatic juicer is the blade runs faster that create heat and with the heat some nutrients also get oxidized which makes the juice lesser effective.
  • Here in the pressed juice machine there is no heat generated which keep all the nutrient values of the juice safer and hence it is much better than the juice extracted with automatic juicers.
Cold Press Juice
Cold Press Juice

Other Benefits of Pressed Juice Machine:

The biggest benefit of this machine is the high quality juice with lesser efforts. The machine runs on the hydraulic principle and hence the use of juicer can be done by anybody with much lesser effort. The machine creates the pressure on the fruit or vegetable and crushes it. There is no additional electricity bill, as the machine runs on human efforts only. The easy cleaning and lesser maintenance are additional benefits of this machine. Though initially it seems a bit higher side than the automatic juicers but at the same time one must not forget the quality also.

This machine does not make any noise and hence one can go for the juice at any point of time without disturbing other members in home. This machine can also process nuts which though seems hard for automatic juicers. Here one can also have a significant amount of pulp which can provide additional health benefits. Hence there is a lot of reason for which the fitness freaks love to go for pressed juice machines ignoring the ease of juicing with automatic machines also.


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