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What Is The Working Procedure Of CNC Machine?

Today, the manufacturing industry is in a much advanced stage than any other. This is one field where you can find the latest technological innovations and discoveries. This advancement has surely made man’s job easier and much of the work today is taken up by machines, which has resulted in more accuracy and quality of the jobs done. Of these, CNC machines are definitely one of the most incredible inventions. CNC manufacturing is a process in which computers are used to manage machine tools. CNC is the abbreviation for Computer Numerical Control. Many machine tools can be controlled using the CNC method and they include grinders, mills, lathes and more.  Though the process looks as if a normal PC is used for the process, the computer is equipped with distinctive software and control console which are exclusively used for CNC manufacturing process.

CNC Machine
CNC Machine

What are the Advantages of CNC Manufacturing?

  • More precise
  • Ability to repeat over and over
  • Ability to create even complex shapes
  • Preferred choice in making 3D machine parts

The Procedure Involved in CNC Manufacturing:

CNC machining which is used in CNC manufacturing process works as per a numerical control. A software language called G-code is used to create a computer program with the help of which an object is modified and thereby machines are programmed. Various steps for manufacturing such as the organization, position, speediness and feed rate and controlled with the help of the program. CNC process is used in the making of metal as well as plastic parts.

  • It works thus. A 2D or 3D CAD drawing is made. A computer code is uploaded in the machine and a test is conducted to verify if there are any problems.
  • This verification process is known as ‘cutting air’. The computer is now aware of what to be done next and it carries out the function of cutting.
  • CNC machine works almost like a robot. Generally, in a traditional set, if it all depends on the human operator to see that the machines are made with zero faults, in CNC manufacturing, the operator’s role is not mandatory. Here, he only feeds in the program code and the rest is done by the computer.

When manufacturing is done by CNC machines, there is higher rate of accuracy and precision. In times of processes that need precision, it is mandatory to use CNC machining. Also, much of the manual labor costs are reduced, because the machine removes the completed job on its own and even takes on the next one.  Thus, once the programming code is fed into it, the machine has the capacity to manufacture 24 hours and more.

CNC Manufacture
CNC Manufacture

The Working of a CNC Machine

The way a CNC machine works can be explained in 5 simple steps.

  • First, the design is uploaded on the computer to which a CNC machine is connected.
  • This design is converted into a numerical code and this code manages the CNC machine.
  • The second step is where the material which has to be cut is attached to a block using a tape.
  • The third step is to place the block on which the material is put to be place inside the CNC machine.
  • The vice on which the block is placed has to be secured tightly.
  • Once it is on, the vice takes up the movement as per the design.

To ensure safety, a guard is used so that if any case, the material comes off, no one is hurt. The motor will start only if the guard is in place. Once all these steps are checked, the CNC is switched on. The desired shape is done. This is how easy the cutting process is made with the help of CNC machines.

So, these are the procedure and advantages of CNC machining. Visit us if you want to know more information about it.


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