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Tips on Log Book Servicing for Proper Car Care

All automobiles need regular servicing for consistent and quality performance. In this regard the logbook helps you to keep records of all services. Every new car comes with a log book that has the details of the servicing stated by the manufacturer. The log book servicing is considered to be as a good option for the new car owners. The services stated by the manufacturer in the log book helps in maintaining the standard automobile. Along with the performance of the vehicle, the log book servicing helps in keeping statutory warranty of the automobile.

Car Service LogBook
Car Service LogBook

More on Log Book Servicing

  • The log book servicing is a guide or plan given by the vehicle manufacturer. There are different specifications in the book regarding the car.
  • The log book has lot of details about requirements for the servicing and check-ups of the vehicle for initial 200,000 km.
  • This information serves as a guide for mechanics who work on your car.
  •  If you have a new car, it will be wise for you to make themselves aware about the specifications given in the log book of the vehicle. The time when car needs servicing, the interval parts needs attention, and all such things are specified in the log book servicing.
  • The log book servicing does not need the owner to go the service centre of the manufacturer. The log book servicing can be done by any registered and professional service centre.
  • The log book servicing allows you to maintain the warranty of the vehicle which can be done by any reputed service centre.
  • The log book servicing can be used not only for new but it can also be done for the used vehicles. The used cars also need servicing and so they need to follow the specifications stated by the manufacturer for servicing.
Car Mechanic
Car Mechanic

Things Present in a Log Book Service

Different manufacturers offer different services for the variety of models. Basically, a log book service is done on the vehicles at every 10,000kms.

  • The log book service is designed to give the services specified by the manufacturer to the car.
  • The manufacturer provides the required checks and measures that are required for the car.
  • The required replacement for automobile is given in the log book.
  • The services include tire pressure checks.
  • The log book services provide the engine oil and oil filter change.
  • Inspection of brakes and tuning is also done.
  • The service also denotes the checking of lights and fan belts.
  • It includes the check-up of radiator hoses, steering and suspension.
  • Log book service includes checking of bonnet fluid levels.
  • Testing the battery is also included in the log book servicing.
  • Some also include the 40 point vehicle inspection.

Benefits of Log Book Servicing

There are several benefits of log book servicing. Some of them are stated below:

  • The log book service allows owner the freedom of choosing any auto services. The log book contains all the standards that can be followed by any good mechanic to perform correct servicing. Hence, the owner has option to take the services of local auto servicing to bigger ones according to their interest.
  • Log book services allow the car owner to get promotional cost for a number of tests and repairs for some time. In this way the money is saved as now the owner does not have to spend at the time of bigger problems or break downs.
  • The log book service allows the owner to maintain the standard of the vehicle for a long time. The owner will go to a single auto repair shop which follows the given standard instead of going to different shops. This will stop the chances of damaging the car.

Do you like to know more about Log Book Servicing? Let’s go to the details to get few more information about it.


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