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7 Most Popular Types to Build Your Dream Caravan

Caravanning is a hobby and it soon becomes an addiction. Those who love to explore the world in its raw form; caravanning is their love. You are not bounded by any rules, any strikes. You can start off from your house whenever you want to. As there are different persons in this world, the requirement one of caravan also varies from person to another. Some want a caravan for loading items and transporting it to different location while some just want to have a caravan for travelling around with a bunch of friends.

Custom Build Caravan
Custom Build Caravan

Custom Caravans

You can build your caravan in your own way incorporating the facilities which in an integrated manner will fulfill the purpose of your trip in a perfect manner. If you want to build a custom caravan, then you will need to go to the manufacturer and make them understand the different requirement. On that basis they will sketch you the whole design. After you finalize it they are going to build the caravan in the way you have customized it.

Caravan Camping
Caravan Camping

Types of Caravans

Generally, the customized design is nothing but a mix and match of already existing designs of the caravan types. If you want to customize your caravan, then you can do it in a better way if you know different types of caravan. Here is a brief description of the different types of caravans.

  1. Conventional- Generally, these caravans have a single axle and they are 3.5 metre to 6 metre long in the inside. The maximum number of people that can sleep inside is six; however, it completely depends on the vehicle layout. These caravans contain all the basic necessities. There is a washroom inclusive of a toilet, basin and shower. Other than that the kitchen area is equipped with a sink, working area and other basic necessities.
  2. Twin axle- If your caravan is larger and heavier, then your van should be fixed with the twin axle. With two axles, they are more stable and it becomes easier to tow on the road. Though it is easier to tow, it becomes difficult to manoeuvre while returning to the storage.
  3. Teardrop Trailers- They are very stylish in their look and tow with vehicles that are small. An important advantage is that these could be easily towed with any car.
  4. Tiny GRP- These caravans are compact in nature and generally these are built in Poland. The vehicle is one piece; glass reinforced and it has plastic body. They are long lasting and since they look different from the traditional ones, they attract the attention of a lot of people.
  5. Folding- These caravans are a magic to watch. You will see a small caravan arrive at the site and then it can be unfolded to its full height. They are great for storage and also for towing since after folding the size is minimized. The only problem will be that each time you reach a site, you will have to unfold it and so it is little time consuming. It is great if you are travelling around with your friends for fun.
  6. American Airstream- This is the luxury caravan car that you see in the movies. They are packed with all the luxury amenities. The silver bullet look of the vehicle itself takes away all the points.
  7. Stylish T@B - These caravans were launched back in the start of the 21st century. They are still loved by people till now simply because of its stylish and retro look.

Since there are different needs, a single type of caravan will not suit your needs. Moreover, you can visit here to know more details about custom build caravans.


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