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Features and Reason why Do you Need Log Book Servicing?

A Log book is provided by your car manufacturer and you need to maintain this book for your insurance purposes. If you do not avail the regular scheduled car services from authorized centers and update your log book then, you cannot avail the insurance benefits anymore. But it is suggested that avail the log book services from the authorized center only, because they test some parts of your car and stamp on your log book. So you can show the log book to the insurance company when required. Apart from that, log book servicing is necessary according to the manufacture’s guidelines and the servicing center must maintain the guidelines of the manufacturer thoroughly.

Log Book Servicing
Log Book Servicing

What are the Features of Log Book Servicing?

  • Log book servicing maintains the manufacture’s guidelines and updates.
  • They will stamp on your log book.
  • They up to date your car log book according to the manufacturer guidelines.
  • They will ensure the insurance guidelines of your car and it means that your car has been maintaining the insurance policies and, you can claim the amount at any time if required.
  • Log book services ensure the safety and security of your car and it maintains the minimum safety measurement according to the state automobile industry and their rules.

Apart from that, there are some log book services available which provide some additional benefits like car wash and cleaning. Along with that, they provide you with some mileage guarantee within a stipulated time and, if your car breaks down before reaching the mileage, then you can claim the free servicing from their center.

Car Service
Car Service

How to Find the Best Log Book Servicing?

It is suggested to search across the different online portals of the log book servicing and hire them accordingly. There are several log-books servicing available, which charge a minimum amount, but you must compare their prices. Before hiring the log book services you need to check their authentication and authorization because, it is mandatory that the services center should be certified by your automobile company and they must be eligible to stamp on your log book. There are some service centers that were authorized earlier but now they are no longer attached with any company, but they claim that they are eligible for your log book servicing. Before hiring them, you need to check their license and validation of the log book servicing period.

Why do you Need Log Book Services?

If your car gets damaged in an accident then you need to claim the insurance coverage and it is not easy to get the insurance amount, because the company needs to check your documentation, log book and roadworthy certificates. The insurance company does not identify the previous problem of your car because after the accident it cannot be possible. So the company only can get secure by verifying your log book, and they can easily understand that you did the regular car maintenance as scheduled by the manufacturer’s guidelines. Afterwards they can proceed with the payment and insurance amount as per you claim. So log book servicing is very important for your car and accidents do not come with previous notice and you must be aware about all these things previously.

In this regards you can you can consult with your car shop or manufacturer company. Apart from that you can avail these services from your local log book service center also. But before availing their service you must verify their authentication. For more details you can search the online portals or you can ask to your friends and family members who have their own car.


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