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The Ever Supportive Balustrade – Features and Advantages of a Glass Balustrade

When it comes to making an affordable and environment-friendly choice for balustrades, a glass balustrade definitely occupies an important position when compared to the traditional metallic or wooden ones. A glass balustrade forms not just a supportive structure for your interiors, but it also adds a touch of glamour and security to your swimming pool or outdoor pool area.

What is exactly the glass balustrade?

The main work of the balustrade is to provide support to the rail attached to stair case. These are specially the ones forming an ornamental parapet. These are a kind of low wall that is placed at the sides of the staircase made up of row of short posts topped by a long rail.

What are the features of the Glass Balustrade?

  • They are easy to install.
  • Provide modern and spacious outlook to the environment.
  • Depending upon the curvature and design of your home, the staircase, you can design them according to these designs and give a better look to your house.
  • Depending upon the type of frame you can have semi framed, frameless or curved finished balustrade for your home. Glass balustrades are made under toughened temperature in a furnace, so they are both heat and impact-resistant.

Advantages of using balustrade systems

  • Customization: Based on your design of wall, colors and type of architecture you can have any kind of system installed in your house, mall, office or other infrastructure.
  • Durability: The balustrades are made from a steel reinforcement frame of glass, having a thick frame of glass, making it very durable and tough. Not only that, you can also customize the frame to be wooden frame, of your choice giving it an added layer of security.
  • Quick Installation:  All you need to do is to have correct measurement of the rail to be installed and the pre designed modules make it very easy to affix the balustrade. When you call the balustrade experts, they bring in all the components like clips, glass frames, shoe moldings and cap rails to install the glass balustrade.
  • No hindrance: The transparency of the systems makes sure that there is no kind of hindrance in the view. Whether it is at home, or at the periphery outside any building, the looks remain same and fantastic.
  • Resistant: For outdoor use, we can also include weather resistant materials along the boundaries of the glass to make it extra strong.
  • Protection: Another hidden use of the glass balustrade is the protection from falling, adults can grab the handle bars while standing while the children cannot surpass the frame, thus maintaining the view as well as ensuring safety for everyone.
Lighting: The transparent material makes sure that ample amount of light is available through the balustrade, thus making it not only efficient in terms of natural light utilization but also saving some money in artificial lightning. These balustrades not just reflect but also refract light as much as possible.

Disadvantages of using the glass balustrade

  • Constant Cleaning: The entire frame of balustrade will be composed of glass, thus even a minute stain is visible from distance, therefore constant cleaning, wiping is required, especially if the system is installed indoors, where there is constant commotion by family members including children.
  • Danger: Handling glass is not always easy and danger free, some systems which have semi framed balustrades are not only prone to easy breaking of glass into pieces but also some open corners can prove to be harmful if ignored.
When you want to install a glass balustrade, you can opt for the framed as well as the frameless glass balustrades. When you install a glass balustrade around your swimming pool, it not only ensures safety but also allows visibility. If you want to retain the pool privacy, then you can use a frosted or etched glass balustrade.
These are the above details about the glass balustrade. Go through this link If you want to get more details about it.


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