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Major Features And Benefits Of Astor Metal Finishes

The finishing on the metal products is extremely crucial, as it enhances the aesthetics as well as durability of the metal products considerably. Astor metal finishes are popularly being used by the manufacturers in order to receive the superior quality finishes for different kinds of metals. They are used worldwide for producing the electroplating finishes of different varieties of several expensive as well as non-expensive metals. The Astor metal finishes are used on a number of metals like aluminum, stainless steel, bronze, brass, copper, silver, nickel, etc. They are being widely used in the hotels, casinos, as well as several other commercial places. In case, you want to enhance the aesthetics of your home with some contemporary and lucrative templates, then the Astor metal finishes can be a great thing to execute in your home improvement initiative.

What Are The Services Where Astor Metal Finishes Are Being Used?

  • Astor metal finishes are used in different forms like bending, laser cutting, welding, and forming through different machines. These specific metal fabrications are usually a complex procedure and Astor metal finishes are being adopted for procuring finest and top-quality aesthetic look.
  • During the initiation of a metal fabrication procedure, you are required to choose an intricate plating design, and, in these cases, you may ideally choose the tank shapes, racking, drainage, or external application plating for the various commercial premises.  
  • Astor finishes are being used in various paints and coatings like powder coating, anodizing, galvanizing, painting, and several electroplated finishes. This particular part is called stripping, and this is essential for the purpose of metal fabrication.
  • While opting for metal finishes or fabrication, you rightly need to consider Astor metal finishes and polishing based on the nature of the metal or the electroplating polishing. In case, you want to install a rough finish, then you should likely to choose the various types of Astor metal finishes like a fine brushed satin finish or a mirror polish.
  • You can avail the automatics 3 PAC lacquers that are basked through in an oven at a temperature of 180 degrees. You have the options of choosing various levels of glosses provided by Astor metal finishes like mirror polish or satin finishes. This enhances the overall appearance manifold.

Major Functional Features Of Astor Metal Finishes

Astor metal finishes effectively provide the electroplating of black nickel, brass, bronze, copper, silver, as well as gold for the attractive finishing of the products which are made up of aluminum, stainless steel & mild steel. The high-tech procedures used in electroplating are being widely used for coating the various metals.

Astor metal finishes have the ability to remove the powder coating, painting, anodizing, galvanizing, and other kinds of electroplating finishes. They can try out their own finishes and is extremely suitable for the overall décor of the premises and is being highly preferred by the owner for giving premium look. The old metal items can also be refinished and given an altogether new look which sometimes turns out to be much better than the original version.

The process of electroplating requires considering the actual shape of the metal product which is required to be finished. The drainage facilities, tank capacities, racking, as well as the substrate are being thoroughly checked before the organized planning of the electroplating procedure.


Needless to say, the services related to the Astor metal finishes are undoubtedly experiencing high demand amongst the business as well as residential owners of various sectors. This demand is largely due to the reasonable cost of the electroplating works and the end results that it provides.


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