Thursday, 14 March 2019

All About Self Leveling Concrete And Its Significance

Self leveling concrete is used for the manufacturing of several products and majorly consists of the calcium aluminate cement, copolymers, inorganic aggregates, & chemical modifiers. They are available in a flowable, self-leveling compound which is widely used for the leveling of the exterior as well as the interior surfaces. This particular component is capable of producing the highest compressive strength. The self-leveling products are sold in the market which can be used only by mixing with the water. There is no requirement of any acrylic-latex additive which makes it one of the preferred products in the market. There is the presence of the re-disposable co-polymers which are formulated with the cement and proprietary copolymers to provide them desired bond strength with the different substrates.

Self leveling concretes are the solitary components which are being strategically engineered and at the same time strong pumped screed to effectively use them for the repairs of the concrete floors. The self leveling concrete, as well as the self-leveling cement, has been formulated in such a way that they have the ability of quickly receiving the resinous finishing and this can withstand the heavy foot traffic in the industrial environments.

Major Benefits Of The Self Leveling Concrete

  • They have the flowing formulation which eases the process of installation big time.
  • They have a fast turnaround time which makes them even more desirable.
  • They are made pumpable with the help of the specific screed pumps.
  • They possess the excellent shrinkage control which helps in outstanding crack resistance.
  • They are protein free for usage in sensitive environments.
  • They have extended self-healing properties which makes them convenient to use.
  • They can be rapidly installed, and it is possible to install 20,000 square feet it a single day.
  • They possess tough heavy-duty finishing.

Self leveling concrete is ideal for covering up the floors with poor existing concrete conditions like extreme unevenness or the presence of large holes or cracks. The self leveling concrete provides a consistent and even finish. The customers also have the option of adding dyes or color in order to increase the overall aesthetics. A great finishing is achieved on the uneven floors by using the self leveling concrete.

The superior quality self leveling concretes have a superior formulation for achieving better outputs. They have the property of smoothing the floors even more efficiently and have the best self-drying formula. The users can benefit immensely from the powerful drying power of the superior quality self-leveling concrete. The self leveling concrete can be used on a wide scale for leveling, resurfacing & smoothing the floors, as well. The quick-dry formula of the self leveling concrete is such that it can install one-fourth to two inches in a mere single installation and can install five inches with the help of additional aggregates. This can also be efficiently used for the purpose of underlayment of several other flooring options.

The superior quality self leveling concrete is deemed perfect to use in the indoor spaces. Whether for the covering of the surfaces prepared with tiles, wood or substrates made of wood, the high-quality self leveling concrete is apt in all these cases. The application of the superior quality self leveling concrete can certainly provide you with the demolition-free solution. The self leveling concrete finds applications in several places like the retail spaces, office spaces, studios, galleries, warehouses, utility rooms, and several other areas where you are required to acquire sturdy, smooth, and flat surfaces which are aesthetically pleasing at the same time.


The self leveling concrete is a wonderful invention and its application is evident in numerous places. The sturdiness and convenience attached to the self leveling concrete make them even more desirable.


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