Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Watching A Car Service Centre in Action

With an increasing usage of automobiles, the need of regular maintenance has increased too. Everyone would have visited a car service centre at least once. But, the question of which car service centre is a reliable one is still an unanswered doubt for everyone. People trust public reviews and choose a service centre. But, I say why not choose one only after you confirm the reliability of the service centre yourself. The question is how to do a survey yourself. The answer is simple - take a tour of the whole service centre. I will tell you about my tour of a service centre to give you an idea of what exactly goes on behind the waiting room of a car service centre.
Car Service Centre
Car Service Centre
The general outlook of every service centre is the same but what varies is the set up within the workshop. That is where the complete work of car servicing and repairing happens and that is the place which will tell you about the quality of service your car would be getting.

When I went into a car service centre to watch expert mechanics at work, I was greeted by the smell of grease and oil, the sound of water being sprayed in the wash area and the clatter of mechanic tools. This is a pleasant sight for a person who loves to watch cars being serviced. I closely followed the car servicing process of a single car and noted down all the essential tasks that are performed during a car service.

Basically, there are 3 departments in the car service centre:

  1. Testing and inspection
  2. Repairs and replacement
  3. Cleaning and washing
In the first step, the car is inspected thoroughly. The car is checked for any bodily damages and the functioning of each part is inspected. This includes the testing of the headlights, horn, dashboard lights, safety indicators, brakes, sensors, etc. The car machine is checked for any defects or problems and the carbonator is cleaned. The fuel tank is checked for any leakage and the brake oil and car engine oil are inspected to check for the need of replacement. There are various other machine tests performed and the safety attachments like the airbag and the ABS systems are tested to ensure that they are perfectly working. Even the differential is checked for any faults.

Once all the inspection is complete, the car is shifted into the repair department where all the detected flaws are repaired. There are several flaws that require a part replacement procedure. Generally, the service centres contact the car owner before conducting any part replacement procedure. Engine oil is replaces if needed and so is the brake oil. The water in the car batteries is changed if needed. All the detected dents and scratches are rectified. The brake liners are changed if needed and the air filters are either cleaned or replaced according to the requirement. I observed that an expert mechanic at work is swift in this process and needs just a look to spot any requirement of repairs.
Car Service Centre
Car Service Centre
The third stage is washing and cleaning of the car. All the parts that were opened for repairs and inspection are put together and then the car is washed thoroughly to remove all the dirt and the inner seats are vacuumed and steamed. They ensure that there are no grease stains left behind on the car. The car is cleaned to look as shiny and sparkly as new.

With this the complete process of car service ends and the owner can pick up the car from the car service centre to get a car running more smoothly than before and thereby enhance the longevity of the car. I gained a lot of knowledge of car maintenance after my visit of a car service centre.


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