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Tips To Get A Flower Arrangement Like A Pro

Flowers prove to be the best kind of decoration for any place and event. Flowers can make the whole place look joyous and gay. Also, with the fragrant smell, the surrounding atmosphere feels pleasant. That is why, for any party or event, a great deal of importance is given to flower arrangement. Flower gives a room of a location the look that nothing else can. A lot depends on how you arrange the blooms. The art of flower arrangement is the key to perfectly decorating the space.

There are many questions asked to the florists regarding this. That is why, to free you from the concern of constantly nagging your florists for tips of flower arrangement, I do the talking on the behalf of all the expert florists. I visited several florists and asked them all to walk me through the process of flower arrangement, noted how they did it and then noted down everything I learned. So, here I share some valuable tips for a perfect flower arrangement.

Flower Arrangement

Follow These Tips Religiously And You Would Be Surprised With The Results:

#1 Treat the Stems: 

First things first, treating the stem is extremely important as well as tricky. The first thing that you need to do is sear the stems in a pot of boiling water for around 30 seconds. Be sure to immerse only 10% of the stem into the water and not leave them in for a longer period. If they remain in boiled water for a longer duration, the stems start to cook and that is not at all a good sign. Once searing is done perfectly, flowers will make a total recovery afterward.

#2 Flower Food:

Many people ignore this, but for a perfect flower arrangement to the last longer, you need to add some flower food to the water. What good is a perfect flower arrangement if the flower withers out within a few hours? You can get flower food sachets from florists. In case you do not want to walk all the way down to a florist for a small packet, add some bleach and sugar to the water. Just make sure that you do not go overboard with the quantities.

#3 Get Suitable Vases:

Vases form an integral part of the complete flower arrangement. No matter how pretty the blossoms are, you would not get the look you are aiming for unless there are suitable vases. Many people have the habit of picking any random vase that comes within their grasps and thrusting the flowers into them. This is not how you do a flower arrangement. Though a vase is merely a stand that holds flowers, it is necessary that the vase is clean and devoid of any stains.

#4 Cut Appropriately:

When you want flowers to adorn your room, you need to ensure that you prep the flowers before setting them. First, remove all the leaves that are on the low level of the stem, which mostly will be concealed by the vase. Lesser leaves give more breathing space for the stem. Cut the stems diagonally. A diagonal cut gives an exposure of a larger surface area to absorb nutrients from the water and this way, the flowers live longer and thus your flower arrangement remains elegant and pleasing for a longer time. Ensure that there is ample amount of bleach to prevent the growth of bacteria that can smother your blooms.

Flower Arrangement werribee
These tips for flower arrangement are always greatly useful whether you are taking up the task of decorating your home or you are planning to do the flower arrangement all by yourself for your event. These tips are key points to help you get a fragrant atmosphere and a pleasing aesthetic appeal.


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