Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Should You Consider Granite Vanity Tops for Your Bathroom and Kitchen?

Granites for vanity tops are the sturdiest of a material option as they are constituted by liquefying and hardening of magma material. Currently, it is the most sought after material choice for countertops as it is not only sturdy but is also available in various textures and tones. It is used widely for the home improvement projects like for the making of kitchen countertops and vanity tops for bathrooms. If you want the vanity of your bathroom to be attractive, appealing and extremely durable, you may choose granite as the material.

Why Would You Choose the Granite for Your Kitchen and Bathroom?

Granite is not only used for vanity tops but also the material may make wall coverings and floor tiles. Whether it is a business establishment or a public area, granite can be used for floor tiles. For the vanity tops of kitchen and bathroom, extremely refined granite is used. Some of the attractive options in colors include white, black, grey, blue and green. These granites can provide you better longevity and you do not need to invest any additional cost for its maintenance. Apart from that, granite is available at low cost and you can also customize this stone as per your requirement.

Granite Vanity Tops
  • Granite countertop for contemporary kitchens: Granite kitchen vanity tops are used profusely in contemporary homes. The entire atmosphere of the home will get transformed as you have various customization options in it. You may choose the tones and sizes as per your wish. You may create your own glossy vanity top which is beautiful to look at and easy to maintain.
  • Granite to replace the wooden material: Granite blocks are now widely used for the making of bathroom tiles and have replaced wooden material. When it comes to bathroom vanity top, it has undergone massive changes and innovations over the past few years. Granite vanity top may be now availed in various designs and the one which features backsplash is very famous. The granite slabs are available with the hole in which the vessel sink will be fixed. Such vanity tops have beautiful edges and feature a corresponding backsplash. So now you can easily install these granites in your kitchen and add your kitchen accessories in an easy manner.
  • Granite vanity tops are stain resistant: Granite is a flexible material for vanity top that may be used for making both kitchen and bathroom vanity tops or countertops. The best part of granite is that it restricts the settling of dust and grime. They are easy to clean and maintain. But, you must be careful when placing any weighty item over the countertop.​
  • Vanity tops in hotels and restaurants: Vanity top made from granite material has a huge demand in the hospitality industry. The material can create really stylish countertops. In most of the eateries you will find that the countertop is constituted of natural stone, and in fact, granite is an ideal choice.​​
  • The eye-catching and stylish vanity tops: For those who are considering home renovation, they cannot avoid natural stone vanity tops. The material may be used in both bathroom and kitchen to create stylish and eye-catching spaces. You can make choices in finishes and styles if you want. You are sure to get an excellent value for money if you consider granite for the vanity top.

To freshen up the look of your home, you may use vanity top made up of granite. You may not know that each granite vanity top is different from the other. The color of granite slab varies as per the lightness and darkness or as per the pattern and style.


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