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Tips on Supplying and Installing Air Conditioning Units for your House

Air conditioner units in recent past have become a necessity more than a luxury. However, even a few decades ago, it was considered to be a luxury commodity. But with time, and the rise in the effect of global warming and extremely fast changing weather around the world, installation of AC has certainly become a compulsion in many places. However, when you aim to buy the best quality and branded air conditioning units, you need to end up paying a handsome amount. But thinking of the future, when you buy AC it is better to scale on valuable pieces of information like reviews, power consumption, support inverter technology, eco-friendly features, etc.

But, being a general buyer, you may not have sufficient knowledge or understanding of advance features and their usage. It is, therefore the supplier and the dealers of the supplier’s duty to create awareness of such features, explain the advantages, usage and technological edges of the exclusive features of the AC units on display or that you choose.
Air Conditioning Unit

Responsibilities of AC Dealers

  • When you choose a particular model of AC unit or AC brand, it is the dealer who informs you about its availability.
  • Besides, dealers also inform you about any ongoing special schemes, discounts or offer available on specific brands or series of air conditioning units in the available stock.
  • The dealer will be the right person to contact and get comprehensive information about the review of model as per your requirement, unique features, latest technology, and much more.
  • Besides, it is the dealer as well who can offer you a detailed insight about the post-sale service, warranty and guarantee details of every brand and unit exclusively.

Selecting an AC Dealer

  • While selecting an AC dealer, the first and foremost point to check is if the dealer is a licensed.
  • Secondly, the dealer must have proper legal documents or authorized of supplying original products.
  • If you prefer a specific brand of air conditioner, you can even check online for the nearest authorized dealers of that brand.
  • If you are visiting a franchise or an authorized dealer of a specific brand, check for the franchise or authority certificate, the license needs to be check for the dealer’s validity and authenticity.

Installation of Air Conditioner Units

There are many service providers who deal in supplying and installing air conditioning units in the market. But you need to be assured about the qualification and authentication documents of an installer before allowing him or her to handle your air conditioner unit. Mishandling, improper installation, faulty electric lining, etc. can lead to major damages or even void in terms of warranty or guarantee to your AC. Besides, there can be issues with electric lining in your house, voltage disruptions, power fluctuations etc. Only a qualified technician can handle such cases and advise proper installation procedure and solution to manage any kind of challenge.
Air Conditioning

  • Check for proper license of the installer who is going to install AC.
  • Ask for the valid ID proof or license and get assured by the mark of the authorized stamp and signature.
  • You can even check with the dealer for exact information about the experience of the installer.
  • Besides, you can additionally ask the installer about requirements of ducting, extra electric wiring, etc requirements essential for the installation.

Therefore, before allowing just any person to handle an expensive item like air conditioner, you must ensure the person’s authenticity, experience, license and technical qualification in performing such tasks. There are professional AC installation and repairing centers nowadays who offer professional and technically expert services and assistance in handling and installation of all types of HVAC.


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