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Know Your Mattresses Well Before You Buy Them

From the Arabic word ‘matrah’ to a mattress, the journey of a mattress dates to seventy thousand years ago. A mattress-bed has come a long way from where it was begun. Originally a Middle Eastern product, it has traveled all around the globe through places like Europe, America, and Australia and Asia and now in the international market, more than a thousand manufacturers available who design various kinds of mattresses for their customers. When you choose the mattress, you need to consider several things such as materials, warranty, longevity, durability and the comfort level of these mattresses.

Why Would You Choose the Right Mattress for Your Comforts?

Many people do not have the idea to select the perfect pad for their bed. So, for having a good night’s sleep, you need to choose the proper mattress for your bed. But it is difficult to choose the mattress because you can find several types of mattresses on the market. In this regard, you can choose the mattress, which can provide you comforts. Some dealers can say that their mattresses are medicated and you must know the medical institutes and physicians test one thing that there is no mattress and scientists cannot design the mattress for your comforts. But there are some mattresses available which can provide you comforts and they can keep your body posture in a proper way during your sleep. So, you must buy these mattresses from the store and in this regard, if you need any kind of help then you can consult with the manufacturers.

8 Types of Various Mattresses

Innerspring: These are made up of steel coils. The shape, size, design, and a number of coils may vary. Numbers of coils above 1000 are of the best quality. These springs are further enveloped in foams or fibers. These mattresses are available in the low-price range and those who looking for some cost effective durable mattress they can but this one.

Pillow Top: As the name suggests this kind of beddings look like as if a pillow is stitched to them. So, buying this saves you from buying pillows. They are also again covered in fibers or foams.

Hybrid: These are made up of steel coils. These coils are enveloped in double or more layers of polyurethane foams. Latex or gel type materials are used for hybrid beddings.

Gel: These came into being for heat dispersion purposes. The foam in which the upholstery is covered is mixed with gel components. They are super comfy to sleep on. They are soft and puffy in nature.

Memory: Originally NASA scientists for the materials for the astronaut’s suit discovered this foam. They are made up of viscoelastic foams. The best thing about this is that it shapes itself according to the shape of the sleeper. Thus, it is absolutely comfortable foam to sleep on.

Latex: An eco-friendly product since it is obtained from plants. These are currently in vogue because of their eco- friendly property. However, they can also be made from petroleum based products too.

Airbed: They itself contain an adjustable air pocket inside them.  They actually look like the air-filled pillow or beddings that we use during trips. Foams surround this air pocket or fibers and they change their shapes according to the sleeper’s shape.

Waterbed: They contain a water pocket inside them where water is filled to shape the bedding. The water inside it can be wavy as well as wave less, according to the buyer’s need. There are two types of waterbeds viz. hard sided and soft sided. The water pocket is enveloped in foams or fibers.


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