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Common Types of Car Damage and Their Repair

Automobile damage is a common aspect which can happen to anyone and everyone on the road owing to either negligence while driving or because of someone else’s car bumping into yours. Such situations can lead to various degrees of damages such as minor damage including scratches, dings, and scrapes, moderate damage including dents and deployed airbags, and severe damage including broken axle or twisted frames. Thus, one should thus be equipped with the knowledge of these types of damages and be prepared for servicing options they require.

Top Forms of Car Damage

Car Repair
Car Repair
The most common types of car damage that occur most frequently to people include the following:
  • Paint Scratches: Paint scratches are the most common type of damage that may occur in everyday life on the road. A small scraping of two cars against each other can lead to scratches on the car with the paint scraped off from the particular area. Such incidents are a common occurrence in parking spots and roads with high traffic.
  • Bumper Damage: In high-traffic highways and roads where cars are moving bumper-to-bumper, a common incidence is a damage to the rear end of the car. This can also occur due to a speeding car bumping into your car from behind, damaging the bumper and the surrounding area. 
  • Suspension Break: The suspension on the lower part of the car is a sensitive part that is prone to breakage from potholes or speed-breakers. Thus, if one speedily crosses a pothole, the suspension may break and require a shock-absorber swap or complete replacement quickly.
  • Windshield Crack: Windshield crack is another problem that can occur commonly owing to either small instances such as a rock, stone, or other similar substances hitting the windshield screen or even bigger cases such as a log or tree falling over the screen causing major damages. The occurrence of such instances increases mostly on windy days when such objects tend to fly in the air and hit cars and other structures, damaging them.

Types of Car Damage Repair

Car Body Repair
Car Body Repair
Such variants of dents and scratches can be repaired easily by hiring the services of an expert technician. Here are the top car damage repair types and methods used by technicians:
  • Dent repair: If your car has suffered a dent but the paint is still intact, the technician may undertake the procedure of dent removal without affecting the paint. This process involves using tapping away the surface dent using precise tools which help in restoring the car to its original condition effectively.
  • Bumper Replacement: While small dents on the bumper can be repaired with the specific tools and equipment, but it has to be replaced in case of bigger damage. An efficient auto repair shop would order a fresh bumper replacement of the car that matches the model and makes of your car.
  • Body Filler: Body filler is another material commonly used for filling dents and smoothening the surface of the car. The material of this filler is applied on the surface of the dent and left to dry, followed by painting the surface.
Although there are numerous auto repair services that perform these services, it is important to hire the services of a reputed and reliable company in the industry. This is because only an experienced technician in the area who uses the latest tools and equipment can perform quality repair work that is long lasting. Such a technician would use quality and original parts and tools for your car and perform the job quicker than his untrained counterparts. 


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