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Tips for Working on Common Electrical Repairs at Home

The electrical wiring and electrical components of any residential house are now a modern system providing for seamless comforts to people living at that home. Nowadays, even the most basic devices are run by electricity, making the uninterrupted flow of electrical power to be highly important for the residents. But in the case of any minor electrical faults of electrical appliances or their wirings, the homeowner can try to fix it himself, provided he has got sufficient technical knowledge about the simple electrical repairs and safety measures that should be taken while repairing.

Electrical Repairs
Electrical Repairs

Types of Common Electrical Repairs Usually Done At Homes:                              

  • Problem Of The Light Bulbs – The replacement of blown light bulbs is one of the most common electrical repairs done in almost every house. The bulbs are changed when the lights start flickering a lot or simply go off permanently. But if the problem persists even after changing the bulb, the wiring or the circuit of that light fixture should be checked carefully. Also, the light emitted by each bulb should be as bright as the wattage mentioned on the packaging of that bulb; else the cause of the dimmer light should be found out by checking its wiring.
  • Difficulty Found In Electrical Switches – The electrical switches often face different kinds of problems that need to be addressed fast, to avoid any accident. Sometimes, the switch may become abnormally hot very fast, mainly in case of the switches of electrical appliances, like microwave ovens or hair dryers. These hot switches are generally caused due to short-circuit of the wiring, which should be rectified immediately. The outlet should be opened and all the wirings need to be individually checked.  The switch also may become loose which need to be repaired by tightening the loose screws correctly. If it is an old house, the receptacle of the switch should be changed for making it faster and effective.
  • Repairing of Doorbells – The doorbell may stop ringing due to a problem in the electrical circuit of the bell. The wireless doorbell may become faulty due to the problem in its battery circuit, which can be opened and checked by the homeowner or a professional. Faulty batteries and old batteries must be checked routinely and changed immediately as chemicals in the battery tend to leak through the walls of the battery and damage crucial parts of the electrical component.
  • Short Circuit In Electrical Appliances – The hot wire, ground wire, and the neutral wire may become entangled and cause breakdown of the specific electrical appliance, which may even cause a fire. So any sign of such problem in the wiring should be fixed by opening that outlet and all the wires should be connected correctly to the respective screws. Sometimes, seeing the water into the wiring may cause damage to the electrical line, mainly if the switch gets frequently exposed to water content or due to the dampness on the wall.
  • Overloading Of The Electrical Lines – If multiple devices are attached to a single electrical board and any of them stop working properly, then a few devices should be detached from the electrical points for keeping the electrical load to an optimum level so that it will not cause any problem for the homeowner.
Sometimes, the electrical faults also arise in the meter box or the main switch of the electrical connection of total house. But this is a major electrical problem that needs the expertise of an experienced electrician from that locality. Even if the homeowner has enough knowledge of electrical circuits, it is better to do the total wiring of the house by a professional electrician, to avoid any accident that may be caused due to any fault in the wirings.


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