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Why Do You Need The Roadworthy Certificate For Your Car?

Most cities have implemented their rules regarding roadworthy certificate, and it is mandatory to be produced by the car owners. This certificate is treated as the fitness certificate of your car, and if you have been driving an old car then you need to obtain this certificate as a necessary document. When you apply for the roadworthy certificate to the authorized car services, they will check the necessary parts along with the car body, for safety reasons. Afterwards, they will issue the certificate.  However, in several cases it is found that the vehicles were not in a condition to run on the road. If you do not want to experience any such issue, you should make efforts to get the certificate at the earliest. At the same time, it will also help you to sell your car easily.

Roadworthy Certificate
Roadworthy Certificate

If you have purchased a vehicle for the first time, you might not be aware of the importance and need for roadworthy certificate.

  • Transferring a car in your name will be easy when the car has a valid certificate. Otherwise, you will not be able to become an official owner. If you are purchasing a resale car then you need to collect the valid roadworthy certificate from the owner, and you need to produce this document for transferring the name and registration of the car.
  • You should not forget that a vehicle that is not registered is not ideal for driving. You should refrain from buying or driving such a vehicle without a registration.
  • The best thing about the certificate is staying safe. When you are driving your car down the road, you know that your vehicle is in proper condition, ensuring a proper on-road performance.

How does a Roadworthy Certificate matter for the Car Insurance?

If a vehicle does not have the roadworthy certificate, it means that the vehicle is not fit to run. As you are using your car, it is obvious that you will need to get your car insured.

  • Most insurance companies do not offer any coverage if a vehicle does not have the certificate.
  • The premiums required each month goes up when the owner is unable to show the certificate.
  • At times, the insurance company might not check the certificate, but in the course of an accident if it is found that the vehicle was not roadworthy, the insurance company will not pay for the loss.
Car Service Book
Car Service Book

Above anything else, it is important to remember that it is illegal to drive a car without the roadworthy certificate. Hence, if you have not yet obtained the certificate, it is high time to get the same. Otherwise, you never know when you might have to face legal issues and hassles.

How do you get the Roadworthy Certificate?

It is very easy to get the certificate for your car. However, if you don’t have any idea on it, you should carry out a research on the internet. You will get plethora of information as to the best place for getting your roadworthy certificate. The testing sheet will certainly be of great use to you because if you want you can fix some problems in your vehicle prior to going for the check.

In fact, according to government regulations all cars, regardless of new or old require the inspection certificate. Hence, for a new car, you should ask for it from your dealer.  A licensed mechanic generally conducts the inspection and offers the certificate claiming that your vehicle is 100% ready to run on the road.


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