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Bring Elegance and Durability to Your Home Using Polished Concrete Flooring

Polished concrete floors are gaining popularity globally not only for the malls and industrial projects but also for residences and this is due to the many advantages they offer besides the elegance and easy maintenance. Layered with rugs of your choice and with the apt furniture, this option of using polished concrete floors can be apt even for living room. If you hire the concrete polishing professionals, then the work becomes easier, as you get a shining floor by sweeping, mopping and also by using coarse grit on the floor.
Polished Concrete Flooring
Polished Concrete Flooring

Requirement for the DIY Polishing of Concrete Floors

The most important requirement here for the diy to prepare polished concrete floors is that you need to look out for is the concrete grinder. In case this seems to be too heavy on your pocket and does not fit into your budget, you can think of borrowing it from a known trader or a friend.

Given below are Few Steps to Be Followed for Polishing Concrete Floors

#1. The hardness of the concrete needs to be determined using the MOHS Concrete Hardness Tester. That is if you are planning on polishing a concrete floor which has always been there. The proportion of concrete mixing has to be perfect when you start with mixing the varieties of ingredients for floor sanding and polishing.
#2. Make sure the floor is swept well either with a vacuum cleaner or a broom and there is no sign of any debris. The residual dust can be mopped with water and detergent. There should be no signs of any stains and also keep the floor free form debris, so that polishing the floor becomes easier and it remains dry and already-prepared for the work to begin.
#3. Start by polishing with a coarse grit as this can get rid of areas which are rough and also difficult stains. Working in a systematic manner is ensuring you have covered the entire floor. Proceed with caution so that are no overlaps.
#4. Change over to the grit disk for fine polishing in circular motion, while you conduct the diy to prepare polished concrete floors. Doing so in circular motions is advisable and overlapping should be avoided. The surface should now be clean with a uniform look with no stains or any patches.
#5. Using the finest grit disk for polishing concrete floor can give the floor a sheen which is glass-like. It is suggested you use the grit of 1500. This can give the desired finish. This stage requires overlapping in circular motions.
#6. The whole surface needs to be polished with the help of the floor grinder. This gives the concrete floor that additional sheen.
Polished Floor
Polished Floor

Reasons for opting for polished concrete flooring

Polished concrete flooring offers a great amount of versatility and gives the business owners and homeowners a choice to the level of sheen. Depending on the total look of your set up, you can opt for the stained or glossy look by using the DIY to prepare polished concrete floors. Keeping in focus the requirement which is needed for maintenance, you can make a choice. You can use polished concrete flooring in.
* Private residences
* Offices
* Warehouses and outlets
* Restaurants and Hotels
* Showrooms and if you want a better resale value of your own property.
These flooring of polished concrete seem to be apt not only for commercial purposes but also for residential purposes as they are resistant to heavy traffic, cost effective, moisture resistant besides which they require maintenance which is minimum saving on time and energy. The DIY to prepare polished concrete floors is a very easy task, and you just need some time and basic minimum knowledge about flooring and laying the concrete, before you start working on the concrete floors.


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