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Efficient Home Automation for Your Elder Family Members

Everyone desire convenient and comfort living. In case of elderly people at homes it becomes important to enable as well as manage household items such as light, security system, cooling, locks and heating through efficient home automation. Young people may find it easier and simpler to manage or operate home security and energy consumption but it can be a difficult task for the elder people. From home automation you can enjoy convenient lifestyle along with all safety. There is no need for care takers as well.

Elderly Home Automation
Elderly Home Automation

Features of Home Automation for Elderly

It helps in providing assistance for maintaining homes and ensuring safety as well as security all around. When mobility of seniors becomes a limited task and thus they require help to perform all essential task for home and personal security. Automated technologies can help you perform daily activities with comfort and ease.

  1. Automatic timers- timers can be set to automatically switch on as well as switch off the heating systems, lights, alarm systems, doors locking and unlocking, air conditioners. This can save energy as well as your money at the same time.
  2. Accessing control- to entail the entry of limited people to your home you can program the system with names as well as unique codes. Such identity can be of neighbors, friends and family members. Any stranger will be completely restricted from entering you home.
  3. Remote access- while sitting on a couch inside the living rooms you can open the door whenever the doorbell rings. A video of the person is being displayed on the monitor of security system.

Why do you need Home Automation?

People often hire caretakers for their homes and for their children as well as for elder people so that caretakers can take good care of their loved ones, when they are away from home or busy  for one or the other reason. Hiring a caretaker can be time consuming task and even it can involve your worry. Home automation for elderly thus becomes the perfect option in such case. It allows everyone to live a self-sufficient lifestyle. It even ensures you with safety of elders and children.

For example- if your family members are on regular medication then there is facility of placing sensors as well as alarms on medicine cabinets. These type of systems helps in reminding elders about their daily dosage of pills or tablets.

Different types of Home Automation Technologies

1. GPS System

2. Home alert system

3. Light sensors

4. Door automation system

Meet the Medical Emergency of your elder People

Various companies who deal in the home automation amenities have enabled simple push button to operate numerous technological devices. These home appliances have been designed to proffer full protection and safety for seniors at home. Medical emergency is the condition when an elderly people may require instant help. To get over this issue the manufacturers of home automation appliances have enabled numerous tasks in their devices such as-

  • Immediate request for help from police, fire department as well as medical care can be send quickly.
  • Remotes systems have been employed to turn on/off all the alarm system of the home.
  • You can watch clear Video of the outside region.
  • Security codes can be changed from time to time.
  • Regulation as well as automation of thermostat is facilitated simultaneously.

You can find small and portable devices which can be worn around wristband or neck and these can be efficiently used at the time of emergencies as well. These are wireless and waterproof. Some may even have extensive range capability. Seniors get full expediency of speaking over 2-way intercom system with skilled emergency reply personnel.



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