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Different Types and Advantages of Off-Road Caravans

When you inquire about buying any caravan, you must know the difference between on-road and off-road caravans. Off-road caravans are available in numerous forms. They are quite similar to an on-road caravan. The build of the caravan, as well as its design modification, helps it in handling the rigors of desert tracks, bush and unsealed roads. A large amount of stress is placed on the van by potholes, ruts and corrugations. Hence, it is essential that the chosen off-road caravan has the required modifications for suiting the intended use. These modifications include increased ground clearance, galvanized the chassis, off road tires or suspension and stronger caravan body.

Off-Road Caravan
Off-Road Caravan

Types of Off-road Caravans

  • Full Height Caravans

Off-road caravans of full height are identical to on-road caravans in general. Many features of the on-road ones are altered for making it suitable for remote area stays and off road use. These may consist of larger and additional water tanks, strong construction of cabinets, stud pattern and wheel size for suiting tow vehicle, a stone guard for protecting tow vehicle and van from rocks, checker plate for protecting van' s bottom portion, twelve-volt electrical system, etc. The benefit of these off road caravans is that one can live in relative luxury while exploring the nature and out of the way spots. Another benefit is that the amount of available storage space is huge. Some of the disadvantages are that these caravans are heavy and large. Hence, their towing is expensive and limited to the places they can be taken due to their height and weight.

  • Pop Top Caravans

The pop top caravan is similar to full height caravan in nearly every aspect. The difference comes in storage or travelling mode, as the height of the roof is four hundred millimeters lower.

The setup process of this off road caravan consists of popping out of the top portion. This task is quick and simple.

  • Like other caravans, the roof of this one is hard, but the side portions of this popped top are made of canvas or vinyl with fly screened, zippered and large windows on all sides. This provides an open and airy feeling and nice ventilation.
  • The decreased overall height of this van provides some benefits over the ones having full height. A large amount of fuel is saved. The centre of gravity of this van is lower. It can also fit easily in a garage or shed of a house. Different bush tracks consisting of overhanging trees can be accessed easily.
  • As compared to a full height van, the weight of pop tops is lighter. It is also much cheaper as compared to other caravans. The maximum length of this off road van gets limited due to the pop top roof. Some storage space is also slightly smaller when compared with a full height van.
Family Caravan
Family Caravan

Advantages of Off Road Caravans

  • Freedom

With the help of these vans, crowds can be escaped and one could easily get to places that are hard to access using this van. Whether you travel along an outback track, or by a dirty road, you will not experience the bad moments in any case.

  • Ground Clearance

Since the ground clearance of these vans is high, the possibility of scraping on road dips awkward caravan sites, crests or driveway decreases.

  • Cheaper to Camp

A large amount of money is saved by using these caravans. This is because one can stay in a larger range of free camps and cheap bush stays. A large amount of cash can be saved in this when compared to corporate caravan parks.

 There are many customized options available for these off-road caravans, and you can consult with caravan dealers or go for caravans on sale to get the off-road caravan according to your style and budget.


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