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Tree Roots in Drains and Their Disadvantages for Your Pipeline

For any house the sewage line is much important for the perfect routine functions. It helps the dwellers to keep a lot of debris away from home. The routine cleaning of utensils, toilet and washroom use can be done only with the perfect drainage else the whole resident can turn into mess. There are many things that can cause a jam in the drain which can turn into slow water flow initially and later complete jam of drain can stop water moving ahead completely. There are old houses which have tree roots all around them. All these roots, branches, twigs and leaves can grow more than the required height and length, and eventually, they can block the drain pipe and the rain water pipes. Things get worse during the monsoons, when these roots can actually damage the basement of the house, and the entire pipeline gets damaged.

Tree Roots in Drain
Tree Roots in Drain

How Do the Tree Roots Damage Your Pipeline?

Well, the tree roots are just a base of any tree that search for water and other necessary elements that can help the tree grow. The tree roots in drains are though soft and like net but once they grow can create a huge net and become harder which are not that easy to break also. Various things such as water, other debris, tissue papers and many more things just get trapped in this net created by the root and enlarge the block.

  • When you have tree roots in drains, you need to break the entire pipeline, or else, you need to hire a professional cleanout contractor who can utilize the space inside the drains, to conduct the best basement waterproofing.
  • If you find tree roots in drains for a longer period, this can lead to severe floods, and your pipelines can be damaged completely.

Hence the root gets more water and favorable condition to grow faster. Now as the root grows faster more root part is there to cover the pipe and in some days the whole pipe width is covered to completely block the flow of water.

Drain Cleaning
Drain Cleaning

How to Track Tree Root Intrusion in Drain?

Well, the simple symptom is a gargling noise in the toilet but usually people don’t pay much attention to it. Due to root intrusion the flow of water reduces and later as the root grow stronger also create breakage in pipe. The best way to remove the tree roots in drains is the drain snake with a plumber that can see the exact situation with its camera and other drill like equipment that can go for the root cutting. Usually these problems come up with clay pipes as they can break easily over a period of time or the joints loose that create leaking of water. With PVC pipe these problems are much lesser and hence for the drain with PVC the root intrusion is not a situation also.

What is the Solution?

There are many chemicals in the market which are known as root killer. You just need to pour them in drain and due to chemical effect the roots are killed in sometime making the drain clear. However, this option has a bit risk as these chemicals are too strong to handle. If the pipe is having copper base than these chemicals can create corrosion which can damage the pipe in short span.

Hence the best option here is calling the plumber who is enough professional with drain snake, see the exact situation and then take necessary actions such as cutting or use of chemical. There are many online portals, from where you can get ideas on how to get rid of tree roots in drains. You can go through them to get the desired result.


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