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Important Things to Know About Roll Out Awnings

Awnings are covering made out of fabric to provide shade to open space areas. The most common type of awning used today is the retractable awning. The roll out awning also known as the retractable patio awning provides comfort and shade in the patio of the house. This helps the person to enjoy the view of the open space and at the same time protects from the heat of the sun.

Retractable Patio Awning
Retractable Patio Awning

Benefits of Roll out Awning

There are several benefits of roll out awning. They are:

  • The most important advantage of having a roll out awning is to sit in patio and be comfortable even when the sun is in the peak. The awning can reduce the outdoor temperature up to 20 degrees and provides shade when you sit outside and relax.
  • The harmful UV rays of the sun can not only heat up the house but it can also discolor the carpets and furniture. The retractable patio awning can protect your home from the harm that sun’s rays can cause.
  • The roll out awning does not have poles or like and this helps you to enjoy outdoor view. You can also control the amount of light with such awnings.
  • These awnings are energy efficient and so you can save your money.
  • When not required the roll out awnings can be closed down and stored. This is ideal for areas where there is space and requirement for having a cover always.
  • The awnings give a great look to the house. With the modern automatic awnings, in different attractive color can make you house look chic.
  • The motorized version of the retractable awning is very easy to setup and close when not in use. With just a press of button, the awning can open up or close without harming its fabric. The new awnings today come with sensors which can automatically seal when there is a strong wind or storm.
Roll Out Awning
Roll Out Awning

Types of Roll out Awnings

There are basically two types of retractable awnings. They are:

  • Lateral Arm Awning

This kind of awning is the modernized version of the traditional awnings. These are similar to store-front awnings that were used in the older days in last century. These are also known as deck or patio awnings that have an arm that covers a large area. The arm extends up to 18 feet and 30 feet long and it is large enough to provide cover to a big open space. The lateral arm awning has a tension arm and roller bar that gets support from a torsion bar. This torsion bar gets fit into the wall and spreads the load of the arm to wall. There are many hand-cranked or manual awnings that are used in many places but the motorized version is quite popular today. The motorized awnings have motor in roller tube and can be open and closed easily using a remote control form inside or outside the building.

  • Pivot or Side Arm Awning

The pivot arm awning is also known as side or drop arm awning. This is the commonly used awning that maintains the look of the traditional awning and basically it is used to provide shades to the windows. The awning has a pivoting side arm with spring-loaded and roller tube at the top. The arms do not cover a large area and these have different controls to operate. Today there are motorized versions of the awnings with remotes are available. These are widely used in historical buildings in order to maintain the old style and protect from sun’s rays. With weather resistant fabric, these awnings can not only look good but last long too.

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