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Give Your Kitchen The Best Elegance With Granite And Marble Benchtops

An ambiance of a place has great impact on our mood. And, so whenever we go out for lunch or dinner to some new place we often inquire about the ambience of the place. Hygiene and beauty are two very important things that we consider in the Kitchen irrespective of the fact that we are cooking there or sitting and eating. The look as well as hygiene of a kitchen to a greater extent depends upon the type of benchtops used in the kitchen. This is the reason why while constructing or renovating the kitchen the decision about the benchtop is so crucial.

About Granite and Marble Benchtops:

Marble and Granite are the variations of natural stone which are used for benchtops. The unique texture and pattern give kitchen its individuality and timeless beauty. With its high sheen granite and marble benchtops is what will add to your classy style statement. These benchtops are quite hard and therefore they are resistant to heat or scratch and can be a good deal in a long-run.

Granite Benchtops
Granite Benchtops

Advantages of Granite and Marble Benchtops:

Before investing our hard earned money we definitely look for all the benefits that particular commodity can offer to us. So have a look at all the advantages of granite and marble benchtops:

  • Heat Resistant: These benchtops are heat resistant and so these are most suitable for any kitchen as it makes the cooking all the more safe.
  • Durable: These benchtops are quite durable and these stay for years after they are installed in your kitchen.
  • Low Maintenance: The benchtops made up of granite or marble requite very low maintenance as they are scratch proof and does not get damaged easily.
  • Easy to Clean: Marble and granite benchtops are very easy to clean and they make the cooking very easy.
  • Hygienic: These benchtops are very hygienic as it is easy to clean and things do not stick with it.
  • Add to the Value Your House: These benchtops are very glossy and beautiful and indeed they add to the value your house and make it more luxurious.
  • Variety of Color and Textures: These benchtops are available in variety of color and textures in the market which can easily meet the need and taste of every individual.
  • Creates Ambiance and Elegance: The benchtops made up of granite and marble gives aesthetic beauty and elegance to the kitchen and create a very lively ambiance.
Granite Marble Benchtops
Granite Marble Benchtops

Disadvantages Of Granite And Marble Benchtops:

Nothing in this world is perfect and without a drawback. So these marble and granite benchtops also have some of the disadvantages which are given below:

  • Expensive: These Benchtops can be more expensive than any other option available in the market like laminate, etc. so it can make it unaffordable for many people.
  • Requires Support: These benchtops are very heavy in weight. Therefore, they require good and strong support which can carry their weight for years.
  • Needs Maintenance: These benchtops develop cracks and can break if struck by something heavy. Therefore good maintenance is required to make them look shiny for years.
  • Reacts to Food Acids and can Stain: Sometimes some of the marbles and granites react with certain food acids like lactic acid, citric acid, etc. therefore they get stains. So, one has to extra careful that no liquid food item stays on it for long.
  • Difficult to Repair: Once these benchtops develop cracks or gets break, it is not possible to repair them. The only option is to replace them which again get very expensive.

Granite and Marble Benchtops are considered one of the best benchtops for the kitchens, which gives it a sophisticated and elegant look. Moreover, you can check here to know more information about it.


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