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Give Your Home A Soothing Temperature By Installing Split Air Conditioners

With summers round the corner people start striving for air conditioners and in Asian countries where there is scorching heat, air conditioners become a necessity. In Saudi Arabian countries, every place is centrally air-conditioned. Good working conditions increase the efficiency of employees of particular organization and this is why the companies take proper care to maintain viable temperatures inside the working place. Air conditioners play an important role in doing so. With the advancement of technology window air conditioners have been replaced by split system AC”s. Split system air conditioners can be installed inside the rooms and halls, which occupy lesser space and have more power comparatively.

Air Conditioning
Air Conditioning

How Does Central Air Conditioning System Works?

Central air conditioners incorporate two different coils in order to cool your home. This type of system is required to cool the entire home, whereas window AC is used to cool a specific area. The coil, which is placed outside your home, is called the condensing coil. The coil consists of a compressor, condensing coil condenser fan, two refrigerant lines run into your house to evaporator coil. The refrigerant inside the compressor is pumped through the evaporator coil inside, which cools the areas the furnace fan blows air through the coil. The coil absorbs the heat from the air. Then the refrigerant flows back outside to the condenser coil and this is where the absorbed heat is released.

What are the Functions of an Air Conditioning System?

Apart from cooling, there are several other functions of an air conditioner. These are as follows-

Ventilation- The outside air is first filtered and then brought inside your room. Further the air coming in can be maintained at a desired temperature to provide more comfort. The fan which supplies air is located outdoor unit so as to remove inconvenience caused due to the noise of the fan.

Automatic Self-cleaning- An internal brush is located inside the machine, which automatically clears the dust collected inside air filters. This reduces power consumption as collection of dirt inside the filters consumes more power and prevents the circulation of fresh air inside the room.

Humidification – Dry air can also cause sore throats or dry skin. The machine has also got an ability to introduce humidity which enables you to feel warm at lower temperatures.

Split Air Conditioner
Split Air Conditioner

How to Choose Best Air Conditioners?

There are several market players in this segment and are providing excellent products but to choose the best amongst them you will require collection of valid information. The first and foremost requirement is to specify the capacity of an air conditioner according to you requirement. Then you can search for the companies offering that product. After satisfying yourself with the features offered by the companies you can then opt to compare the rates. Some companies do not provide installation facilities, that you have to bear at your own cost but most of them do so. The after sales services are an important aspect, which a customer should look into. These services involve timely visit of company representatives on your call, provision of warranty, free of cost installation of the appliance. You can visit the web sites of these companies and go through the customer reviews about their products. There are also reverse cycle  inverter split system air conditioners that work both ways by providing heating and cooling as required.

Financing And Credit Facility is Also Available

Companies also aid their customers with financing and credit facilities with zero percent rate of interest. These companies are in collaboration with banks that provide quick services to their customers. Companies also provide the facility of purchasing through credit cards.

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