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Know About Different Types Of Kitchen Stone Benchtops

An attractive looking kitchen stone benchtops will surely change the look of the kitchen. A benchtop can also be the centerpiece of your kitchen if you plan to install an island in the design. There can be various types of materials that you can use to make your benchtops; it is generally up to the person to select the stone which he or she feels will suit the ambiance of the kitchen.

There are also other factors that should be taken into consideration while choosing preferable kitchen stone benchtops. If you have children at home, it is highly advisable not to use granite because it can smash and can be injurious.  If you are a person who has the tendency to cook often, then it is advisable that you should choose benchtops that are heat resistance and scratch resistance. Well, the basic thing to be followed while choosing kitchen stone benchtops is that it should be durable so that it can be used for heavy duty and dependable enough to suit your lifestyle.

The standard depth needed to maintain every benchtops is between 600mm to 900mm. However, the width of the benchtop depends highly on the space you have in the kitchen area. There are different types of kitchen stone benchtops that are available in the market these days. Here, is a list of few benchtops that are commonly used by every homeowner.

Types of Material Available For Kitchen Benchtops


If you are looking for an economical material to be used for kitchen benchtop then the best would be laminates. They are also the most adaptable when compared to the choices available. There are various types of finishes available in laminates which can suit various kitchen themes. This material can be available in various finishes and colors. The drawback of laminates is that they are not scratch-proof and heat resistance.


If you are looking for a kitchen style with a rustic look then it is best to opt for timber. This is a natural material and it is also durable and sturdy. Apart from that, timber is also maintenance free so there is no question to spend extra money for expenses. There are many materials which can blunt the sharpness of a knife and this will not happen if you use timber.


When you plan to give a modern look to your kitchen the best material to opt for is granite. This material gives an elegant look and it also reflects a shining effect. There are also versatile advantages of using granite in comparison to other materials. There is no chance of any stain or scratch in granite and it is also very strong, durable, and scratch resistance.


Marble is one of the most widely used kitchen stone benchtop these days.  The look of marble is very attractive to the eyes and it is also a very luxurious choice. However, if you consider toughness and durability then you can say that it is not better than the granite.


This is the best choice for kitchen benchtops because it comes with a lifetime warranty. If you take into consideration the three factors i.e. stain resistant, heat resistant, and scratch resistant, a stone is the best choice. This material suits best for all types of kitchen benchtops. Apart from that, stones can be available in various styles and textures so it can wonderfully match with theme of most of the kitchens. You can also avail stones in various colors and it can also go well with the color of your kitchen.

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