Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Pergola Design plans- What exactly they are?

The first thing that may strike our mind is what is pergola?

A pergola could be explained as the feature of a garden that forms a shaded type of walk way, beautiful passage ways, and even the sitting areas over the vertical pillars that mostly support the crossed beams architecture and even the open lattice that are mostly trained over by the woody wines. The word pergola is derived from a Latin word “pergola” which refers to ‘projecting eaves’. It can also be seen as an extension of some buildings or as a protection for the open terrace or even as a link between the two different pavilions. It is not necessary that the pergola should be attached to some architecture or some building, but there also exists few free standing pergolas that are not attached to any building or house and provide an elegant sitting area which allows for fresh breeze and sunlight, but is protective from the direct harsh sun rays. Structure for the climbers is also provided by the pergolas on which they can grow and make it look beautiful and stylish. 

Material used in the making
Next thing that requires our consideration is what is the material used in making the pergolas?

The material to be used in designing of a beautiful and elegant pergola for your house or even building depends upon the preferences that you make, the availability, requirements and also possibilities of what can be made in the space. The common material used in making of the pergola design is of course the wood, more specifically the cedar woods. Other than that the vinyl and aluminum made materials are also used. If your budget is limited then vinyl can be a good option for you as it is least expensive. If you use the aluminum material then the maintenance cost will be less as it is rust free and also pest free, so it gives you the high level satisfaction and peace. Most of the people who wish to have a traditional looking pergola can opt for the designs of wood faux grains. Other material options which are available are fiberglass, CPVC which stands for cellular poly vinyl chloride. These materials require low maintenance and are comparatively more durable then the wood made pergolas.

Beautifying the pergola
After your pergola is made, the next point would be how to enhance the beauty or how to decorate the pergola?

Beautiful decoration material can be used along with elegant designs to your pergola in order to make it personalized private space of yours which complements the entire look of your property and significantly enhances its appearance. If you wish to give this space a touch of privacy then you can add some accessories such as curtains matching to the look of pergola and also affix scones. Also, if you are holder of a deck pergola you can use complimentary ornamentation for the outer walls of the pergola. Many people who love to have the green natural color texture in their pergola use the plants and vines as a decoration, especially in those cases when the pergolas are located in the garden area of your property.

Some pergola designs are-
  1. The freestanding pergola design- It is also known as a partial variety design. Such design of pergola is basically used for the sheltering purpose or for decoration of the deck, pathway or patio. This design is comparatively less expensive to build.
  2. The attached pergola design-such pergolas are attached with some structure such as a building or a house.
  3. The deck pergola design- such pergola designs are attached to the deck and even with the house or building.


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