Monday, 7 January 2019

9 Tips to Clean like a Professional Cleaner

Every home possesses cleaning challenges and if you’re someone who has little time and yet cannot sustain a messy living space, your inner cleaner maniac desires an all-time cleaned place, you could do with some life hacks that aren’t time-consuming, keeps your space clean and allows you to savour and relax!

A homeowner has numerous responsibilities and cleaning almost always tops the list, for healthy and peaceful living. Not everyone can live amidst garbage and plant a smile on their faces.

Keep your home and your life clean with these 10 pro tips that can make you a pro cleaner:
  • Formulate a pattern and use it:If you start out by cleaning everywhere at once, you’d reach nowhere. Devise a plan, formulate a pattern that you put into use every time. Tell the cleaner in you to move from left to right, or bottom to top, whatever you do maintain consistency.

  • Scrap special products and go for multitasking ones: Don’t fall into your merchant's trap by opting for special products for every corner of your house. opt for ones that work for almost everything, like an all-purpose cleaner that has disinfecting properties, so that you can clean your tiles bathroom floor and walls or your wooden floor with it. 

  • Your toothbrush is your all-purpose cleaning tool: Don’t clutter your cupboard with a host of objects you’d never use. Utilize a toothbrush to reach crevices and corners and clean minutely. Cleaning minutely helps keep your house tidy for a long while. The toothbrush bristles would clear vents and make your job as a cleaner easy!

  • Declutter before your cleaning mission: Remove products that you don’t need. Put clothes lying about in the vicinity in proper places: your cupboard, your laundry bag or the washing machine. Pick up books and magazines and settle them on proper shelves. Put toys away and then begin to shine your way through. 
  • Clean on mornings: To see all dust accumulated crevices and corners, you need to finish cleaning before 3 in the afternoon, so that you’re done examining minute areas before natural light has begun to fade away. Dirt requires you to have clarity or else your cleaning would be incomplete. 

  • Begin with the worst disaster: If you start with the worst disaster when your energy levels are at their highest, the next bit would be a cakewalk. The most obnoxious thing being done, the cleaner in you would manage to sweep and clean, really quick. 

  • Clean your kitchen counter every day: Places like your stove or your kitchen counter which undergo regular use must be cleaned every day, so that greasy dust doesn’t accumulate. If it gets old, it becomes thick and difficult to remove. Take a cloth and wipe these areas every day to remove pressure. 

  • Never forget your baseboards: No matter how shiny your entire house is, if your baseboards aren’t cleaned regularly, your entire environ would look dirty. Avoid this by using a microfiber mop or vacuum your way through your floors. 

  • De-clutter, dust and vacuum last: Begin with a de-cluttering spree to have available space and furniture to clean. Clear away your all-purpose dumping chair, organize everything into its right shelves and then dust away. Vacuum last or else you’d be required to vacuum again and clean the dust. 
Thus, if you maintain consistency as a cleaner, and de-clutter your house on a regular basis, soon your home would be sparkly clean, and you’d not be bothered or boggled down by overwhelming amounts of cleaning at a particular time. Take it slow yet steady. The key is to never stop.


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