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Why Use Salt and Pepper Granite for Garden Purposes?

Salt and pepper granite, as the name suggests is a form of granite, which can be mostly used either as a structural element or as a decorative element in commercial properties and constructions. This granite is popular for its color variants. It comes in white and black color and brings a monochrome effect to ant structure. It is mainly used at decks, pool sides, at outdoor structures such as gazebos, paved paths, driveways etc. It is a good choice to accent any part of your structure be it indoors or outdoors It is widely chosen because is low maintenance stone. 


Salt and Pepper Granite

The main reason why the granite is used widely is that of its special salt and pepper look that complement any structure. This helps in adding texture to spaces where it is installed and adds aesthetic warmth to the place. Both traditional and modern style home projects as flooring, walls and tabletops, kitchen countertops make use of this stone as a decorating element. It is available in different types of textures, colors. Some black grain granites may be more prominent, some may be too dark, and light or distant from others. 
Marble and limestone also have softer lighter hues. But the granite can be preferred over them because the stone is hardy, tough, and also more resistant to acids and corrosion compared to softer and delicate marble.
Besides looks, there are some strong reasons why granite is chosen for construction works, especially in outdoors.


There are specific characteristics of granite which actually makes it a much-favored choice, and they are as follows:

  • Granite is less prone to staining
  • This dense stone is stable and tough
  • Even the salt and pepper granite come in variety of styles, thus making every construction project look different and artistic
  • Granite will not chip off or blister
  • It is resistant to heat marvelously and thus can be used in hot areas
  • The internal structure of granite, where minerals like quartz and feldspar interlock each other in crystal form and combine with some other minerals and form a unique stone.
  • The naturally formed stone is available in slabs, tiles and pavers, thereby making construction process easier.
  • When you use granite in your construction project, you actually add value to the property
  • With granite, the chances of depreciation over time are very low
  •  A great reason to use granite is, you get a surface which is smooth, polished, and totally uniformly colored and patterned, unlike marble which contains different patterns. 
You need to however take caution when it comes to installing large slabs of granite and make sure that they are not dropped due to mishandling from a height. Though the stone is too hard and heavy to crush when it falls from a height, it may break. 

Ideal Places to Use Granite

There are many places where granite can be used. It is used in constructing buildings, and artistic elements like statues. It can be used in outdoor structures like porticos, balustrades, gazebos etc. It can also be used on the exterior of the building. Also, granite is popularly used in the construction of floors, such as bathroom floors, kitchen floors.  They are used in making kitchen countertops, bar tables, and also walls. Granite table tops are also popular and used in restaurants, cafeteria etc where they are used for its low maintenance and highly durable classy finish properties. Also, salt and pepper granite are a much favored, much-preferred type, which can be used in all such places.


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