Tuesday, 20 February 2018

5 Amazing Staircase Designs You Cannot Ignore

The staircases of your home do not have to be a basic, boring affair. Many home owners are now showing off their creative side by innovating new staircase designs. These days, you can play around with the colours, designs, lengths and even functionality of your staircases and make them the main attraction of your house. A normal house with a jazzed up staircase can add to the appeal and value of that house.
Staircase Designs
Staircase Designs

Few popular staircase designs that you can get inspired by

#1. Helix strand staircases
Just like the beautiful complexity of the helix strand of your DNA, inspire your staircase design with the winding design. Just like a spiral staircase, your helix strand staircases are grounded by a singular pole in the middle, around which you can play around with either a single or even double strand of staircases. This kind of a staircase design is sure to make all your guests wow in wonder at the creativity and simplicity. Play around with the railings or balustrade of your staircases to add an innovative touch.

#2. Floating glass staircases
  A staircase design idea you should save for a home or a building which strictly entertains only adults and no children or petsis the floating glass staircase which literally makes you feel like you are floating in the air. You can opt for a basic, straight staircase design or even go one step further and opt for a spiral staircase design with your floating glass staircase. The glass panels should be sturdy enough to support weight and not crack under pressure, and you can complement the hand rails with a steely silver colour to go with the glass effect. A staircase design sure to make onlookers turn and look twice!
Staircase Designs
Staircase Designs
#3. Slip and slide
A staircase design tapping the child inside you, the slip and slide staircase design is great for a big house with adults who have the heart of a child. Add a slide to your staircase design or simply chuck the stairs and install a big slide as you innovate staircase design. Don’t forget to add a few throw pillows at the bottom of your slide to avoid any unnecessary injuries! You can play around with the design of your slide staircase by opting for a basic, straight slide design or a curved or spiral slide. You will be reminded of your childhood days every time you slip down your staircase slide!

#4. Rainbow spirals
Every time you see these staircases you will be transported back to Willy Wonka’s dream land of candy and rainbows! Perk up your spiral staircases with the colours of the rainbow. Make each step a different colour, or create a subtler ombre’ hue, as you go up the stairs. You can experiment with the colours and create a soft look or a super bright look to stand out in the middle of your pastel coloured home.

#5. Staircase of books
You can utilize that annoying wasted space underneath your staircases by using them as a bookshelf for all your favourite books. This not only adds an aesthetic appeal to your staircase but is also an effective utilization of wasted space. Create a geometrical pattern bookshelf or even let your creative side shine out by creative your own experimental designs.

These amazing staircase designs can make any home or commercial building look jazzed up with almost minimal effort. These staircases are not only sturdy and functional but also add a different kind of aesthetic appeal to the room. 


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