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The Key Role of The Concreter in Carrying Out Concrete Work

A concreter is a professional who carries out concreting work. The role of concrete contractor is to improve sustainability performance of any building structure. Concrete is that composite material which constitutes aggregate material bonded together with the help of fluid cement that gets hardened after a passage of time. Most of the times, the concreter uses line-based concrete also known as Portland cement. It is composed of hydraulic element. After the aggregate material is mixed with Portland or liquid cement, there is the formation of fluid slurry which is poured and then molded into a shape. A lot many people use the word ‘concrete’ and ‘cement’ interchangeably but there is a difference between them.

To carry out concrete work, the concrete undertakes a series of steps. He carries out cement jobs to create a house foundation or to set flagstones. To do so, he takes 1 portion of Portland cement and mixes that to 2 ½ parts of fine and clean sand. However, this proportion may vary as per the usage of concrete or the purpose for which concrete is used for. When it comes to mortar mixes or re pointing bricks, 1 part of Portland cement is used with 10% of lime which is added to a certain quantity of water. With the process of concreting, architectural structures, block walls and buildings are build.
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Some Basic Tools Needed for Carrying Out Concreter Work:

A concreter needs certain basic tools to carry out concrete work. Some of the basic names are given below:
  • A general-purpose trowel is used to place concrete or cement in order to do the concrete work.
  • Pointing trowel is again used for minor patch works, for carrying out small repairs and finishing details.
  • For giving a finishing touch to the surface, wood float is being used.
  • Steel float is again used to make the finishing smooth and plain.
A concreter uses all the above tools for carrying out the mixing part or for concrete work. Concrete and cement are just mixed near to the place where they need to be mixed. The moment they must be used, concrete and cement are mixed. Some of the professionals also use ready-mix concrete to carry out the job in a swift manner.

Concreting for Better Acoustic Performance

Concrete has a damping quality and its inherent mass and composition allows much better sound insulation of floors and walls. If the concrete material is used for building purpose, minimum finishing will be needed. This tends to reduce ongoing maintenance cost and thus the use of capital. Most of the homes and apartments where better sound insulation is needed make use of concrete material.

Fire Resistance as Concrete Never Burns

Like other materials, you cannot set concrete material on fire. Apart from this, it does not emit toxic fumes when invaded by fire. Concrete never drips molten particles or produce smoke. So, we may say that concrete is a fireproof material.

Durability and Sustainability of Constructions

The structural capacity of masonry and building walls tend to increase with the use of concrete material. Structures using concrete material have great strength and can bear future changes. It has a great inherent robustness enabling traditionally built homes to cater for the increasing loads resulting from adaptations and alternations. Most of the home improvement project makes use of wooden concrete forms. It is however important to make the surface plain if that needs to be painted.

With patience and utmost attention, concreting professional mixes and pours concrete and thus manages the work. For small and minor jobs, he just mixes water to the material. To increase the tensile strength of concrete, binding material is used.


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