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Automatic Transmission Specialist: Career and Job Responsibilities

An automatic transmission specialist is a person who can diagnose, inspect, service and repair the automatic as well as the manual electronic controls of buses, trucks as well as the car. They also replace mechanical units in the vehicles that have been newly assembled.
Transmission Specialist

Who hires these Transmission Specialists?

If you pursue your studies of a transmission specialist, then it is important for you to specialize in one particular area. If you do not want to specialize then you can get yourself employed in a small company where you work in all the areas related to this field. An automatic transmission specialist mostly has a full-time job wherein they have to work throughout the year. They mostly work indoors and are often exposed to vibration, noise, liquids, odors as well as fumes. Most of the companies that hire these professionals are the motor vehicle manufacturers, the automobile dealers. The motor vehicles part manufactures and the stores dealing with automotive parts and accessories.

Job Responsibilities of a Transmission Specialist

  • These automatic transmission specialists are responsible for repairing the manual as well as the automatic transmissions that are present in the different vehicles. They are also able to raise the automotive vehicles like buses and trucks using the hoists or jacks. They also remove the transmissions using the hand tools of the mechanics.
  • They are also responsible for dissembling the transmission units and replacing the worn out and the broken parts such as the gears, valves, and seals.
  • They make use of wrenches and adjust the bands, pumps as well as gears.
  • Once the transmissions are repaired then these automatic transmission specialists install them and fill them with the proper liquid.
  • They also adjust the operating lineage and try to test the car operations on the road.
  • At times these automatic transmission specialists adjust the carburetor as well.
  • They also verify the speed of the motor that is idle and they do it making necessary adjustments in a device called tachometer.
  • These automatic transmission specialists specialize in repairing automatic transmissions and they can well be referred to as automatic transmission mechanic.
The role of a transmission specialist is to deal with the very advanced parts of the different automobiles. The repair mainly focuses on the couplings, gear trains, couplings as well as pumps. These automatic transmission specialists often diagnose the various transmission problems and try understanding the various customer relations.

Automatic Transmission Specialist

Skills Required for A Transmission Specialist

These transmission specialists need to have a good computer as well as Mathematical skills. Every day these automotive transmissions are becoming complicated and learning the new techniques is extremely required. These specialists also need to have a very good understanding of the latest technologies. They have to work for the customers and also have to communicate with them. So, it is very important for them to have very good communication skills. They help the customers by diagnosing the various issues related to the transmission of the vehicle and also help them in repairing these transmissions.

Career opportunities for Automatic Transmission Expert

The automotive technologies are becoming more and more advanced each day and so the job opportunities of a transmission engineers are also bering very high. The automotive industry is always trying to come up with transmissions that are very much advance and it is for this reason that the skills of these technicians often tend to become backdated. In order to stay updated they always have to take training in the newest technologies so that they are able to deal even the latest and the most complex transmissions. In the end, the automatic transmission specialists also have the option of starting their own business.


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