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Different Kinds of Mercedes Service Options

Mercedes, one of the most popular names in the world of automobiles, is one of the best manufacturers of cars including luxury sedans, SUVs, sports cars and the likes. With so many people using cars from Mercedes, it is essential to have sufficient knowledge about Mercedes Benz service options. Broadly, there are two different types of servicing facilities for Mercedes Benz. The service is chosen depending on the condition and usage of the car. Let us have a look at the details:
Mercedes Benz

Mercedes service- Benz A: 

This is the first kind of service offered by Mercedes. This is applicable as a first visit for cars in either of the two conditions: 
  • The car has run for one full year
  • The car has worked for 10,000 miles
On the other hand, for the second visit of the car for this type of service, the conditions are as follows: 
  • A total distance of 20,000 miles covered
  • A total span of 2 years covered
This trend follows and the car can be serviced every 20,000 miles or 2 years thereafter.
These conditions and eligibility of the car for an A service are determined by the Flexible Service System of the company. 

Services Offered: 

There are specific parts of the Mercedes car that are covered under the Service A facilities. These include the interiors, wheels and brakes, engines and the boot. Let us delve into the parts individually. 
  • Checks the functions of the car
  • Special attention is given to the indicating lamps and the warning signals. An overall illumination system of the car is also noted.
  • The windshield wiper and washer are serviced
Wheels and brakes: 
  • The service checks the lining thickness of the front brake pads.
  • The tires are examined for better performance including the tire inflation pressure.
Engine compartment: 
  • The engine oil is checked and changed if required along with the filter
  • The battery chamber is also analyzed including battery fluid level
  • The service also checks the engine cooling system so that it works fine
Mercedes Services
The battery conditions and tire pressures are noted under this category. 

Mercedes Service- Benz B: 

When it comes to the Mercedes Benz B service, the car is usually checked for the first time after having covered 20,000 miles or 2 years. This is the same for the subsequent visits. This type of service checks the same components of the car, except in more details. 

Services Offered: 

This part of the servicing includes checking the general illumination of the car including the warning and indicator lights. The headlamp cleaning system and the windshield washers are given attention here. 
Wheels and brakes
This includes a general, in-depth review of the tires and braking system of the car. The pressure in the car is noted well. The tires are checked for keeping them in the best possible condition. 
Engine compartment: 
  • Keeps tabs on major leakage points in the car
  • Looks for damaged parts of the car that are not easily visible
  • The fluid levels in all the cars are checked
  • The power steering is well noted in this part
  • The Active Battery Control of the car is focused on

Vehicle Underside: 

This is a new addition to Mercedes Service B. This includes the following: 
  • Taking note of the front axle ball joints and rubber boots
  • The mechanical steering components
  • Potential leakage points of the car 
This again focuses on the battery condition and tire pressure for keeping the car in the best condition. 
Above mentioned are the various options for Mercedes Benz Service. Choose the best according to your car type and requirement.


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