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Different Types of First Aid Courses

There are a number of first aid courses available in the market. These courses last from a range of 3 hours to 16 hours. It is the choice of the candidates to pick up the course of their liking and complete it on time. If an individual is looking to take a course based on the requirements of employment, a written permission from the employer is most likely required. Some types of courses available in the market include-
First Aid Course
First Aid Course

First Aid at Work Courses

This type of first aid course is very important because it is required by the law and saves people who spend most of their time at work. Taking up this course will help individuals to administer first aid to people at work in an emergency situation.

The training for the Initial First Aid is carried out for over a period of three days. The entire course is comprehensive and completely covers what has to be done in the case of an illness or an accident that can occur anytime at the workplace. The procedures covered here include diabetes, head injuries, dislocations, how to treat asthma, comprehensive procedures on treating fracture, life support exercises and much more.

Refresher courses, which last for two days, should be taken once in two years after the completion of the initial training program. Three years after the initial training is administered, the individual has to take up a requalification course and ensure that he has caught up with all the latest procedures and techniques.

Work Courses Related to Emergency First Aid

This is a type of first aid course that is designed to train individuals on how to treat people when it comes to life-threatening situations in a workplace. The topics covered here include how to take care of an unconscious individual, how to treat people suffering from bleeding, choking, seizures, shocks, how to conduct procedures related to resuscitation and many more things. Similar to the first aid at work course, these courses require requalification and annual refreshers, too.

Courses Related to Personal First Aid

Course conducted for personal reasons are well-known to teach a lot of lessons to individuals. There are a wide variety of courses available and each course is designed for unique instances. The most popular of these courses are-
  • Baby and Child First Aid
  • Essential First aid course
First Aid Course
First Aid Course

A Standard First Aid Course Integrated with CPR level “C”

This type of first aid course provides customers with the option for a CPR health care provider component or a CPR level “C”. The CPR level “C” usually comes as a standard with every course. The entire course lasts for 16 hours and costs approximately $130. Individuals who take up this test will get a first aid that is standard along with CPR level “C” and an AED certificate during the same day the course is completed. Also, re-certifications are made available for this type of first aid course. A recertification costs about $75 and lasts for 8 hours.

The other types of courses available in the market include

  • CPR level “A” and AED
  • Health Care Provider CPR (CPR HCP)
  • CPR level “C” and AE
  • CPR level “B” and AED

A Standard Childcare Course Integrated with CPR level “C”

This is a first aid course that lasts for 16 hours and is usually offered by vendors that are approved by certain workplaces. This program includes AED training and CPR level “C.” The total cost of the course works up to $130. Once the course is successfully completed, individuals will receive a childcare first aid certificate that is approved by the workplace on the same day of the completion of the course. There are no recertification courses available for this course. 


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