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FAQs about Inspection and Replacement of Car Batteries

Car batteries are the most important part in your vehicle. Batteries in your car perform the same role that a pair of battery does in your mobile phone, camera or remote control of your TV set. Batteries are the main source of power of your car and when you start the car, an electrical source is generated from the car battery and circulated to other parts. Unlike other parts of the car, batteries need to be checked on regular intervals. If they are not charged properly or you find something wrong with it then inspect them or check them as soon as you can. It is not the case that you need to replace the battery every month, but you need to check it on regular basis and check the connectivity and the water level of the battery by some servicing centre. After a certain mileage prescribed by the car manufacturer, you need to change the battery and install a new battery in your car.

Car Batteries

Car Batteries

When do you need to inspect your car batteries? 

  • As mentioned vehicle or automotive batteries provide electrical power to the vehicle, you can always check for its performance level by starting up the vehicle. If the batteries are not in proper shape to perform, the vehicle will take time to start or you would not able to start the car anymore.
  • On the other if you find electrical components of your car such as radio, music system, lights and clock and if you find any difficulty in these gadgets then you need to check the battery.

How to know whether the batteries are dead or needed to be replaced? 

  • As said that the batteries are the source of life to the vehicle, the vehicle will not take start if the battery is damaged or dead. When you start your vehicle but it is not moving or running, then there must be something with the car batteries. To check whether it is damaged or not, you can try to switch on the lights or radio in the car. if you find some frictions while you start the car, that means it is the right time to change the battery.  
  • If you find nothing works then wait for 1 or 2 minutes so the battery can get some time to charge up. If the battery is out of charge (or dead) then within few minutes of starting, it will start performing.

How batteries are replaced / repaired? 

Batteries Services

Batteries Services

  • Batteries are needed to be replaced or not is solely depends on how old your car batteries are. If your vehicle battery is 4 to 6 years old, then it may need a battery replacement to run the car properly. As mentioned earlier that to start a dead battery, one must start the car and leave it for 2 to 3 minutes. This helps the batteries to regain the power. But if it does not happen then the car or the batteries must be taken to the mechanic.
  • The mechanic, at first, performs battery’s load test. If it goes well then you may not need it to be replaced. However, if it fails then the battery is being replaced and installed.
  • Before installation, the cables and the adjacent spaces are required to be cleaned. Once it is corrosion-free, the new set of batteries can be placed and installed. Apart from that, you need to install some anti-corrosion washers and you need to pour the distilled water inside the battery cabinet.

If you own a vehicle, it does need servicing on regular interval. You can go either for annual servicing or major servicing after a year or two. It depends on the use of your car. However, the car batteries and the brakes are needed to be inspected frequently.


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